Dog Sledding In Iceland

Dog Sledding In Iceland

When we began to plan our trip to Iceland there was an endless list of things that we all wanted to do. Iceland whether winter or summer, has tons of thrilling activities for the wild adventurer. One thing on that list that we all agreed on was to see the Northern lights. The most fun way we could think of to do that was to go dog sledding while out looking for that mysterious light show. We figured even if we didn’t see the Northern Lights it wouldn’t be too disappointing since we were still being carried around on the snow like Santa Himself.

Being the animal lover and bleeding heart that I am we made sure to chose a company that really loved their animals and cared about their well being. Lucky for us that isn’t hard to find in Iceland. We ended up going with Dog Sledding IS simply due to their description of the activity, “Half way during the tour we will take a break for you  to take pictures with the dogs and offer them a good belly-rub.”. Who can resist a company that invites you to love on their animals?

It ended up being around $150 a person for the midnight tour without a transfer. I highly recommend renting a car when traveling in Iceland, as it will save you money and give you a chance to see all the amazing scenery that Iceland holds.

The night we were set to go Dog sledding it decided to snow and snow and snow some more. The company was so responsive and let us know in advance that we would have to reschedule. They assured us they would get us in another day if at all possible. We were lucky and the next day we were able to go. Always make sure and try to check on your email when you are expecting to go to any kind of activity especially in the winter when anything can happen!

We checked our phones and Dog sledding was on for the rescheduled night! We checked the Northern Lights forecast and although it was not looking so good for us we were still so excited to get to sled! Now I will warn you that the road leading to the Dog Sledding house is very tiny. If you are going in winter (they do dry sledding as well) then be prepared. Stay on the wore down road ONLY! We got a little confused on which side of the road we should be on and got stuck. It’s a one lane road, trust me. Lucky for us some Icelander’s just happened to behind us and pulled out of the several foot snow! They definitely had the equipment and the knowledge to get us out in no time.

We finally arrived to the Dog sledding house and found about 20 dogs spread out across the snow howling and barking so ready and excited to take us on an adventure. What we learned about Sledding dogs is that they LIVE to race. They absolutely LOVE pulling you around on that sled. In fact I think they enjoyed the ride even more than we did.


Before we could hop on the sled the mushers had to make sure we were all bundled up properly. If you didn’t have proper clothes, mittens, or hats they actually provided a suit you could wear to keep you nice and toasty. Not the most stylish thing but it will keep you from losing a toe! Lucky for me I have skiing clothing so I was prepared for the snow and freezing cold winds!

On our sled 4 people who sat on the sled and one person got to help drive the sled with the official musher. The Musher allowed us to switch places so that everyone got a chance to drive!



Let’s begin the ride!


Being on the sled was incredible! The dogs are so much fun and they LOVED to go FAST! Each dog has it’s own story and our musher knew all of them so well. You could tell by her stories how much she loved each and every one of them. Several of the dogs are rescue dogs that they saved from being put down. Huskies are very popular dogs in Iceland however most people do not realize how much work they really can be. They have so much energy and need to let out that energy or you may end up with a terror of a pup!


Can you tell Jen is eating this up?

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Driving the Sled was definitely a highlight. The Instructor teaches you how to stand with one foot in front of the other and how to keep your balance without making the sleigh fall right over. With the cool wind blowing in your face and the dogs racing in front of you, life seems so simple and beautiful with miles of a dark night and shiny snow in your face. There is something so pure about these beautiful dogs and the Iceland land that I simply cannot explain. it was an amazing memory I will always hold dear.


Shawn, Jen and I loving on these beautiful animals

Eventually your time must end so about an hour on the snow we headed back where we got to play with the pups some more. Boy do they LOVE attention! They love being patted on their bellies and each one has such a different personality. Some were jealous, others more elusive, and some just excited to be out in the snow getting so much attention!


Jen loving on the snow dogs. She LOVES animals.

I highly recommend going DOG Sledding while in Iceland.  I love DOG Sledding IS and highly recommend their company. If you loved your musher I also recommend giving them an extra tip. It’s not required but I think it’s a great way to show how much you appreciate all their hard work!



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When we began to plan our trip to Iceland there was an endless list of things that we all wanted to do. Iceland whether winter or summer, has tons of thrilling activities for the wild adventurer. One thing on that list that we all agreed on was to see the Northern lights. The most fun [...]


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