Eagle’s Nest – A day trip from Munich

Eagle’s Nest – A day trip from Munich

Don't miss out on this amazing day trip From Munich, to go see Eagle's Nest, a cabin nestled in the Bavarian Alps. Click here to keep reading!

Normally I am not a fan of organized tours, I find them to be boring and waaayy to long. However they can be useful in certain circumstances. For instance if you want to get outside the current city you are in and you don’t feel comfortable renting a car, it is a perfect alternative. In Munich for example there is a ton to do, however with so many amazing sites only a few hours away it would be a shame not to experience it.

One day trip I hold very fondly is the trip to Eagle’s Nest – a Teahouse given to Adolf Hitler as a gift for his 50th Birthday. It is a beautiful cabin at the top of a very curvy road on a mountain summit among the Bavarian Alps. It is about a 2 hour drive from Munich and a great time to take a cat nap if you are exhausted from a night out drinking all the amazing beers Germany has to offer.


To get inside the house after the long curvy ride up, you must walk through a long dark tunnel and up through a bronze elevator. You are welcomed to a beautiful cabin which has been preserved and part of it turned into a cozy restaurant. Outside you are welcome to sit, drink beer or enjoy lunch. Since we were on a budget we opted for a beer.

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-5

A view from the bus and we make our way up the very very windy mountain road.


After enjoying a fresh brew make sure and check out the sweeping views all around you. The Bavarian Alps are breathtaking and are not ones I recommend missing out on.EAGLES NEST

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)

After taking in your scenery, head up to the top of the summit and climb that beast!

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-6 EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-9

I think we may have stayed up there forever taking pictures if it were up to us. Hats off to all the amazing pictures our travel buddy Andie got of all of us! It was a perfect place for pictures you only dream of so don’t forget your camera!

Eagle's Nest

Despite my disdain for tours I was so glad my travel partner Andie had talked us all into going on this amazing tour to see Eagle’s Nest! For only around $75 a person the tour more than paid for itself, getting us out of the city and into the incredible Bavarian Alps. If you are looking for a good tour we used Viator and I highly recommend them!

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-4

Photo via Andrea McVay

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A Perfect Day in Munich

A Perfect Day in Munich

Traveling can have it’s ups and downs. Some days are all clouds and rainbows, while other days test you as a person. My favorite day in Munich was the day we had nothing planned. No tours, churches, or otherwise. We were free to roam the city.

This day we happened to decide to grab some bikes and check out the park everyone bragged about, The English Garden. Our perfect day was almost ruined as we could not find where to purchase our bikes. Unsure of whether we should even ride bikes in a foreign city we were about ready to give up when we followed the trail of bikes. Amongst the bikes we found a shop listed on the city map. If all else fails then look around for clues, you can always find what you want with a little detective work!

munich (1 of 1)-7

Image ©Kit McVay

For just a few bucks we each were set up with our own bikes. We were ready to hit the road!

Munich is such a fun city full of booths, food, and souvenirs. Riding through the streets was a bit daunting at first along side the cars. However once we made it through there are streets just for bikes!

munich (1 of 1)-9

Image ©Kit McVay

After hitting the streets we decided to check out ” Englischer Garten” or The English Garden, a park full of green flowing hills, rivers and even a beer garden!

munich (1 of 1)-4

Image ©Andie McVay

We made our way to The City Center inside the park. Isn’t it beautiful?

perfect day in munich

Then since we had worked up quite the appetite we stopped at the beer garden for beer and brats!

munich (1 of 1)-12

After we filled our belly full of delicious food and beer, we then headed to explore more of the Park. We had no idea we would encounter such an amazing spot. The Garden offers surfers a chance to show off their skills. There is a dam which is set up to produce a wave under a small bridge where surfers line up and take their shot.

munich (1 of 1)

Image via Kit McVay

The English Gardens were absolutely beautiful with tons of trails for any bike rider to enjoy and bask in. If you are in Munich take a chance on a random bike ride through the city park and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer you.

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Must Eat Brunch spots in Ballard

Must Eat Brunch spots in Ballard

My current Neighborhood in Seattle is Ballard. Ballard is constantly growing and a great place for young or old business professionals. My favorite thing to do on the weekends is to eat brunch which if you know me, should come as no surprise. When I first came to Seattle it was a tough transition where food is concerned. I would often spend $10-15 dollars on a plate and walk away dissatisfied. Over time I was able to find exactly what I was looking for in a restaurant and figure out if a place had what I desired just by looking at the line at the door. One rule that has held steadfast for me in Seattle is, “If there is a line, then the food is divine”. Ok maybe that’s not really my rule but it’s not a bad place to start.

So after 2 years of living in Ballard, these are my favorite brunch spots! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

Morsel & Bean

Only a beautiful 3 blocks away from my apartment Morsel & Bean has proved it’s worth over the last year in Ballard. With homemade biscuits topped with decadent flavors such as the “Mama’s little pepper Aioli” or “Roasted Tomato Jam”, the foodie in you will not walk away dissatisfied. You can choose from a biscuit with one of their famous toppings or try a breakfast sammie. My personal favorite is the “Spanish Fly” which features prosciutto, over medium fried egg, arugula and that delicious pepper alioli I was bragging about.

Morsel & Bean

Skillet Diner

A fun Cafe with an old diner touch to it, “Skillet Diner” is my absolute favorite place to eat in Seattle. If you are looking for meals with tons of food and tons of flavor you have hit the right spot. For months upon moving to Seattle I searched for the perfect fried chicken,  and I found my love in the “Little Rob”, a masterpiece of a breakfast “sandwich”. Fried chicken topped with a egg, cheese, and their signature spicy sauce sandwiched between brioche buns with the perfect amount of crunch.

Bonus: Check out their amazing cinnamon rolls for an appetizer that feeds the entire family!



Hattie’s Hat

Hattie’s Hat, a Ballard staple is the perfect place to go Sunday morning after a fun Saturday night. The bar is perfectly dark and cozy allowing you to cure that hangover with their perfectly tuned bloody mary and big surprise fried chicken (maybe I’m obsessed with fried chicken ok?). The environment is friendly while you watch old movies like “Weekend at Bernie’s”. What is also great is they are open on holidays when many places are closed.

Hattie's hat (1 of 1)

Have you been to Seattle? What are your favorite brunch spots?



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