Looking for things in to do in Capetown, South Africa? Check out this post for my experience abseiling Table Mountain!

During my time in South Africa I had many adventures; shark cage diving, Ostrich Riding, Bungee Jumping and even a Safari. My favorite of all my activities was the very first thing we got to do in South Africa, Table Mountain.

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Table Mountain is all over Facebook, Pinterest and even Twitter. Pictures of it are adorning with inspiring quotes and rightly so. Any mountain top so beautiful must be visited if given the opportunity. So we set out to go to table mountain and discovered not only could you check out her beautiful views but you could abseil down the super tall mountain while you were at it.

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Although my friend Jen is deathly afraid of heights (yes she is just as scared as you are) she agreed to do it. See something I greatly admire about Jen is that no matter how scared she is, she never lets fear stop her from an adventure. So she agreed to slowly climb down a mountain by what we hope were state of the art ropes and harnesses.

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Table mountain

When going to table mountain if you are not going to hike then make sure and purchase tickets in advance online for the cable car. You can skip a line of 3 hours just by having the tickets on your phone.

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The Abseiling team from Abseil Africa was already at the top of the mountain when we arrived and it appears they are there most weekends. It is best to schedule an appointment ahead of time but look for them just in case you decide you want to take a stab at danger once you get to the top. The Abseil Africa team is very professional and helps you feel entirely comfortable during your abseil experience.

First while climbing down you have to climb backwards which is not the best feeling. You have to learn to trust that the rope holding you is not going to let you fall to your death. After that it is a matter of learning to have some fun by trying some jumps while you climb down.

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Abseiling 2 (1 of 1)table mountain4 (1 of 1)-4Overall I absolutely loved the feeling of abseiling the mountain and getting to see the Table Mountain view from a different perspective. Just a tip if you decide to go abseiling, you do have to hike back up! It’s about a 20 minute hike and there are some beautiful views. If there is a way to bring your camera, do it!! Also don’t forget to tip the Abseil Team!

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