Budgeting is one of the hardest parts of traveling. How do I make my money stretch further, when I already feel like I need each and every single paycheck I earn? Now I do plan on writing a blog on how to make extra cash however this blog will be dedicated to trying to budget with the money you have currently.

When planning for how much money you will need there are a few things to consider:

1) How much will my flight cost?

–  Check around on airline websites and give yourself an estimate. Don’t low ball yourself or you will have to cut into another part of your trip to cover your flight later if the price goes up. Don’t forget about those credit card points!

2) How many nights am I staying and where will I be staying?

– A huge decision to make is deciding where you will be sleeping every night during your trip. Check out my blog on “Accommodation” to help you decide where to stay.

3) Activities

– Another big money spender is big activities such as seeing a sporting event or swimming with dolphins. Try to allow yourself one big activity to make your trip memorable but don’t overdo it or you will find yourself over whelmed and broke before your trip has began.

4) Food

– Oh food. Food is a big part of traveling for me. I personally feel like I missed out on a huge piece of a city’s culture if I don’t step out of my boundaries and try the local food.  So personally I try to allow myself at least one meal to eat out a day and then I will find a local grocery store and cook at the hostel/apartment to save money. Everyone is different of course so make sure you estimate breakfast lunch and dinner each day so you don’t go over budget.

If you are traveling internationally I highly recommend Rick Steves books. He is an amazing traveler and has attributed to many of these ideas and tips that I have. When traveling to say Spain, you can purchase his book and he will give you an estimated budget for each day going from a high budget down to a college kid’s budget. It is a great starting point for making a budget and planning your trip.

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