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Eagle’s Nest – A day trip from Munich

Don't miss out on this amazing day trip From Munich, to go see Eagle's Nest, a cabin nestled in the Bavarian Alps. Click here to keep reading!

Normally I am not a fan of organized tours, I find them to be boring and waaayy to long. However they can be useful in certain circumstances. For instance if you want to get outside the current city you are in and you don’t feel comfortable renting a car, it is a perfect alternative. In Munich for example there is a ton to do, however with so many amazing sites only a few hours away it would be a shame not to experience it.

One day trip I hold very fondly is the trip to Eagle’s Nest – a Teahouse given to Adolf Hitler as a gift for his 50th Birthday. It is a beautiful cabin at the top of a very curvy road on a mountain summit among the Bavarian Alps. It is about a 2 hour drive from Munich and a great time to take a cat nap if you are exhausted from a night out drinking all the amazing beers Germany has to offer.


To get inside the house after the long curvy ride up, you must walk through a long dark tunnel and up through a bronze elevator. You are welcomed to a beautiful cabin which has been preserved and part of it turned into a cozy restaurant. Outside you are welcome to sit, drink beer or enjoy lunch. Since we were on a budget we opted for a beer.

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-5

A view from the bus and we make our way up the very very windy mountain road.


After enjoying a fresh brew make sure and check out the sweeping views all around you. The Bavarian Alps are breathtaking and are not ones I recommend missing out on.EAGLES NEST

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)

After taking in your scenery, head up to the top of the summit and climb that beast!

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-6 EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-9

I think we may have stayed up there forever taking pictures if it were up to us. Hats off to all the amazing pictures our travel buddy Andie got of all of us! It was a perfect place for pictures you only dream of so don’t forget your camera!

Eagle's Nest

Despite my disdain for tours I was so glad my travel partner Andie had talked us all into going on this amazing tour to see Eagle’s Nest! For only around $75 a person the tour more than paid for itself, getting us out of the city and into the incredible Bavarian Alps. If you are looking for a good tour we used Viator and I highly recommend them!

EAGLES NEST (1 of 1)-4

Photo via Andrea McVay

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  • Arnie

    Organized tours really do have their place, and often it is much better than trying to see something on your own.

  • Mike

    Well, you gave me goosebumps like I’ve not experienced in quite some time. I clicked over to check out your blog and I see this post. I will refrain from writing a novel but the Eagle’s Nest is my ALL-TIME #1 BUCKET LIST since I was 12 years old!!! I’ve studied WWII my entire adult life and all things Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I even know the route in my head on how to get from the Munich airport to Berchtesgaden. The reason I haven’t made it yet…I can share privately.

    If all goes well I am planning on traveling there next Fall or the year after. But, next year hopefully!! I’m still completely blown away by the irony of coming over here for the first time and seeing that you and your boyfriend experienced my all time dream!!

    I also loved what you shared about your Grandfather on your About me page.

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