Each traveler has different things they look for in a trip. whether you need adventure, sight seeing, relaxation or food it’s important that you accomplish that goal during your trip or you will feel slighted. For me it’s Adventure, food, and alcohol. If I go on a trip and I don’t get to try several different delicious places for food and coffee I will walk away feeling that I missed something. The same goes for an adventure. In New Orleans, we were not short on delicious food. So if you are thinking of heading to New Orleans here is my list of places you must try for dinner, dessert, and a fun drink guaranteed to please even the pickiest inner fat kid.


Pizza Delicious

We visited Pizza Delicious the very first night and it started our trip off with a bang. Each piece was only about $3-4 and worth every penny. It’s New York style thin crust pizza and they had local beers on tap. I highly recommend checking this place out.


Eating New Orleans

District – Donuts Sliders Brew

We found this little gem in the Garden District after visiting a nearby cemetery. It was our last stop and despite being unimaginably full, this restaurant pulled us in for one more foodie experience. Not only does this funky little joint have fried chicken but you must mash it up with a delectable doughnut. We chose to share fried chick, waffle fries with jalapeno cheese, and a strawberry doughnut. I don’t regret one bite or pound gained.

Am I the only one drooling?

Am I the only one drooling?



Also found in the Garden District is a contemporary bright coffee and dessert shop. The prices are a little steep but the coffee and dessert provide a delicious afternoon snack that we couldn’t snub our noses at. If you are in the Garden District and in need of some coffee and and afternoon sweet, check this shop out after looking through some of the fun antique stores nearby.

Food in it's finest art form

Food in it’s finest art form


The Domenica – The Roosevelt Hotel

Now if you are wanting the best dessert of my trip don’t bother wasting money at Sucre. If you are saving those calories for something amazing, trust me go to The Domenica in the Roosevelt Hotel. Although intimidating to enter such a ritzy hotel it was worth the walk to enjoy such a succulent dessert and night cap. If you aren’t planning on dining just ask to sit at the bar, it will make you feel a little more at home in such a beautiful restaurant (talking to my budget travelers here).


Cafe Du Monde

After a night of drinking a great place to stop which is open 24 hours is Cafe  Du Monde. They offer the New Orlean’s famous Beignets. They have a great patio area where you can people watch until the morning sunrise. Now what exactly is a beignets? As a child did you ever make homemade doughnuts? Take a biscuit from a can and drop it in oil then roll it around in some powered sugar? Take that and times the deliciousness by 1000, that is a beignet. Now my personal preference was Cafe Beignet. I found their beignets to have more crunch on the outside, where as Cafe Du Monde beignets were soft all the way through.

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Bacchanal Bar

Bacchanal Bar has a large wine selection with a beautiful backyard setting with smooth jazz playing in the background. If you are looking for a calm fun evening you cannot go wrong with this fun venue.


Carousel Bar

Sadly I do not have any fun pictures to entertain you with this time. However I’m insisting you go have one drink at the Carousel Bar. It is literally a bar with a Carousel in it. The bar will slowly, slowly spin you around while you enjoy your drink. The drinks were a little pricey but worth the fun experience.

Napoleon House 

If you weren’t aware of the history of NOLA, apparently the french loved Napoleon. They were planning on rescuing him and what is now “Napoleons” would have been his home had they been successful. Unfortunately he died before they could rescue. Lucky for us this restaurant has delicious food and a really fun drink called “Pimms Cup”, it is their special for the past 200 years so you won’t miss it. Also if they have it in season the stuffed avocado was absolutely amazing. Especially considering we had gorged on fried food half the trip so the refreshing avocado and shrimp were perfect before a night of heavy drinking.



Oh sweet Mother’s. The haven for all those dragging themselves to your glorious food, hungover from an epic previous night. Mother’s is the perfect spot for all your hangover needs. Bloody Mary, greasy delicious food, and on point coffee. I loved mother’s and all it’s attitude. Make sure and head all the way back to the bar for my favorite experience.


One last stop is going to be…

Laura’s fine Chocolate’s

When in New Orleans it is an absolute must that you bring home a “King Cake”. They are yummy cinnamon roll like cakes that usually contain a baby on the inside. The person who gets the slice of cake with the plastic baby is the “king” for the day. Manny Randazzo is known for having the best cakes unfortunately we were out of time and found that Laura’s had very tasty cakes that all my friends were impressed with at home! You can get small cakes for about $5 which makes for a fun present to give any friends at home.

New Orleans King Cake


Have you been to New Orleans? Where was your favorite place to eat or drink?

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