My first night in New Orleans with my friend Vanessa was the perfect combination of delicious food and relaxing fun. We arrived later in the evening starving, so luckily Vanessa loves food (even more than I do) and knows how to find the perfect place. The thing I value most about Vanessa, is her love for food. She always keeps me fed and never forces fast food or disgusting food down my throat.

So we took a quick cab over from our hotel (The Omni) and arrived a pizza bar called Pizza Delicious. In the dark it was a tad bit scary and looked like a run down neighborhood despite it’s close proximity to the main strip. Nevertheless we hopped on in to check it out.

Inside, the little pizza joint was booming. It has a very organic feel, young care free employees with dreads and beards making this Seattleite and Denver resident feel just at home.

Pizza Delicious New Orleans

Have you ever seen a more happy diner?

Look at that magnificent slice

Look at that magnificent slice of heaven

The pizza was a perfect New York style thin crust with tons of flavor, not your average pepperoni boring pizza. No no this pizza had zest, the perfect amount of cheesiness, and never too much sauce. If I could marry a piece of pizza, of all the amazing pizza I have had, this my friends would be the one I would get down on one knee and commit my life to forever. No hesitation.

These Badasses weren't afraid of a little walk in the dark.

These Badasses weren’t afraid of a little walk in the dark.

After devouring my new life partner we moved on to the next thing on the agenda. The Bacchanal Wine Bar. Bacchanal was a place Vanessa found on another blog (Still searching for the post to give some credit to the author). It was about a half mile away and perfectly walkable. The only problem is the neighborhood, it appeared that in the daytime this place was a fun indie influenced almost suburb, however what we found at night was remnants of a bad scary movie. We were walking near the train tracks beside a ton of old abandoned houses, where Katrina had taken some of the life from this neighborhood. One block from the road we were on, you could see well maintained houses and groomed yards. Unfortunately the block we walked had ghostly like houses with chain fences boarding it up meant to keep out looters, but rather with the glow of the street lights gave these independent women the creeps.

Bachanal NOLA

An enlightening half mile later we arrive at a cute house with jazz music pumping in from the back. We walked onto the southern style porch and through the screen door into what would be the foyer but instead was a room with a ruby glow, filled with wine bottles. At the Bacchanal Wine Bar you are able to choose from purchasing a single glass or an entire bottle. We both choose a wine choice from the chalk board menu and made our way to the back.


The backyard was too perfect with the willow trees giving a summer in the south feel accompanied by a cool evening breeze. Ahead of us there was a wooden stage with a 3 hipsters playing smooth jazz music. We found a table right in the center of it all and we able to reminisce the night away.

I highly recommend following in our footsteps. We were able to walk back to our hotel in about 30 minutes and felt fairly safe. If you scare easy I would suggest just getting a cab or ubering it from place to place. The night was a perfect beginning to our time in NOLA and I highly suggest both places!

Don’t forget your after midnight snack!

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