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Accommodations while traveling can often be the most expensive part of a trip. Depending on your style you may normally choose a hotel, hostel, or maybe even a regular rental. Times have changed and more options are now available. AirBnB has completely changed the way we look at accommodations while traveling. They give a middle ground between budget and luxury.

What is AirBnB?

AirBnB gives home owners the opportunity to rent out a spare room or even an entire residence at a cost determined by the host. Depending on the home it can often feel like a Bed & Breakfast or even a fancy rental. Using the website you are able to filter your location, whether you’d like an entire home or simply a room inside their home.

My First Booking

My first AirBnB experience was in Portland, OR. There would be two of us and we didn’t mind sharing a bed. When looking for a room I filtered through based on price and location. If you have specific dates in mind make sure to punch those in so you don’t waste time looking at options that won’t be available. Once I had a few options the most important thing for me was to look at what past tenants had to say. A good review will give you details on the room, host, and most important location specifications.

Once you decide on a place you have to request to book. Make sure you put plenty of details in the comment section when requesting to stay at someone’s house. Imagine you were renting out your room to a stranger, what would you like to know about the person staying there? Great things to put are why you visiting their city, how many people will be with you, and details on when you will arrive. The owners then have 24 hours to get back to you on whether you got the booking or not.


A few days before arriving make sure to confirm with your AirBnB host on your arrival date and time so you can meet up with them to get keys. The great thing about AirBnB is they send you a few message reminders so that you don’t forget to confirm with your host! Nice when you are busy trying to get ready for your epic trip!

My first AirBnB was a bit different than most places as the house was remodeled so that it could accommodate more than one person at a time. The entire upstairs has 4 separate rooms with their own key pad locks so that you do not need a key to get in.AirBnB

The room was adorable! They had recently painted and remodeled the bathroom so everything was new and comfy. We were able to secure a room for about $100 a night and this included our own bathroom (If this is important to you make sure your room has a separate bathroom or you might have to share!)


My first AirBnB experience went over great. I didn’t feel awkward or in the way of the host at all. He made us feel completely at home but not too overwhelmed either. The great thing about staying with a local is they can give you great recommendations on where the locals eat and things the locals do!

I highly recommend AirBnb to anyone. If you don’t feel comfortable staying with someone, simply select that you want the entire home, then you have it all to yourself more than likely at a price lower than a hotel!

Would you try an AirBnB? Tell me why or why not in the comments below!


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