Traveling is one of the best uses of your money and free time in my opinion. What greater thing can one do than go see the world and open your eyes to new places, people, and experiences. I know that often we find ourselves convinced that we will never have enough money or courage to travel. I am here to tell you that you can travel at any age and income. It just takes some serious planning and determination.

To being traveling you must have a plan. A plan will keep you on budget and keep your stress level down. The best thing you can do when beginning traveling is budgeting. I know we all hate budgeting but it will help you accomplish your dreams without filling up your credit cards.

When you want to begin traveling I personally find the best thing you can do, is find someone to travel with you. That person is there to help you dream up a great adventure, find out how to get there, and then of course keep you from backing out! I travel with several different friends all of whom live in different states. It’s a great way to maintain my treasured friendships and to keep my traveler’s spirit happy.

When planning a trip the first thing you have to figure out is how big do you want to go with it. Sometimes the best trips are ones that are a short drive or plane ride away. Don’t feel like to travel you must spend $1000’s of dollars. A great way to begin traveling is finding a great deal online and go for a fun weekend trip!

To help assist you in planning out a great adventure I will do separate blogs on each of the following topics:

1. Planning out your budget

2. Finding a flight

3. Finding a place to sleep (hotel, hostel, apartment)

4. What will I do when I get there?

5. How to pack

These are just the beginning of planning for your trips but are a simple way to get you started without feeling overwhelmed!

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