My time in Barcelona was rather short but I will give you a list of 5 things that I did while in Barcelona. Please feel free to add your favorite things about this great city!

Stick your feet in the Mediterranean Sea

So this was a big goal of my friend’s that I went on my first Eurotrip with. She wanted to be able to check off the list that she had dipped her toes in the Mediterranean and what a worthy goal it was. From our hostel we had to walk about 2 miles (I chose to wear sandals that day BIG mistake I later discovered) to make it to the beach. Barcelona is pretty pedestrian friendly and there were several signs that helped lead us to our destination.

Barcelona - Beach

It was cold but it is now checked off the list!

Take a Walk Down Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a main street in Barcelona filled with shops, beautiful architecture, and plenty to eat. It is the heart of the city and a main attraction.

Las Ramblas

Drink from the Fountain of La Font de Canaletes

Rumor has it anyone who drinks from the Fountain of La Font de Canaletes will one day return to Barcelona. So Naturally it was the first place we went. The fountain can be found in the Las Ramblas.

Drinking Fountain

Visit one of Gaudi’s houses

Antoni Gaudi was a famous architect whose many works can be seen throughout the city. I highly suggest going to see at least one of his famous houses throughout your stay. The funky architecture is what makes Barcelona so unique and lovable.

Gaudi house

 You MUST Visit Gaudi’s Park

Even if you decide to skip out on Gaudi’s houses I am right now insisting that you visit Gaudi’s Park. The view alone is worth it. Barcelona is such a beautiful city and Gaudi’s Park gives you one of the best views. It is a bus ride so make sure you check out the website and plan your trip ahead.

Gaudi's Park

Barcelona is an exciting city full of culture and tons of fun. Our time was so short that I must go back to fully enjoy all that it has to offer.


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