Barcelona was my first city to visit out of North America and my first chance at trying new food. Although we were on a pretty tight budget I still had the opportunity to try some fun new foods. Eating is my favorite way to experience a culture so always try to allow for some dining experiences!


Everywhere you turn in Barcelona there was a deli shop filled with delicious bread wafting through the air filling up the streets tempting you to come inside. The great thing is sandwiches are only about 5-6 euros and can easily be split between two people or saved for later. Although by the end of my trip I refused to eat anything resembling a sandwich It’s still a delicious cheap lunch!

*Quick Tip- Get your meal to go and find a bench or sidewalk to post up at and you can save 2-3 Euros per meal.

Jamon y Butter Sandwich paired with cherries bought for super cheap at the market!

Jamon y Butter Sandwich paired with cherries bought for super cheap at the market!

Tapas & Sangria

So I am a little sad to say we only had one experience eating tapas in Barcelona and I wasn’t the biggest fan. However I have had tapas in the US and I fell in love. If you aren’t aware Tapas are small plates of a variety of foods. They are usually small bites of one item. It makes a meal really fun and gives you a chance to try different foods. If you have a Tapas restaurant to suggest please comment below!

Tapas and Sangria

De La Boqueria Mercat

Barcelona Mercat

If you have the opportunity take a stroll through the Mercat a huge outdoor farmer’s market inside the city of Barcelona. There are varieties of foods to choose from including fresh fruit and vegetables. One thing that helped with the budget was grabbing some cherries, apples, or oranges and adding it as a side for our lunches (sandwiches).


Tons of fruit and veggies to choose from

Meat stands in the La Boqueria

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