You will find throughout my blog that I stay in hostels. I actually LOVE staying in hostels. I think hostels are a great way to save money, meet people, and ensure you will have a safe clean place to stay. This is all thanks to my great friends Kit and Andie. They planned pretty much 100%(and by pretty much I mean 100%) of the Eurotrip we took together and that includes staying at hostels.

In Barcelona we found the Hostel “Equity Point” through a great website called I highly suggest you use it to find your next hostel. The website will narrow hostels down by city and then by reviews or amenities you may need. It’s so easy to find the best hostel for your needs and it is yet to let me down.

These lucky people wouldn't move, so they made it into my picture

These lucky people wouldn’t move, so they made it into my picture

Our hostel cost about 30 Euro’s per night per bed with breakfast included. The hostel it’s self it’s several stories tall including a kitchen, inside bar, and an outside bar with a breathtaking view of Barcelona.

Equity point bar

View of the city from rooftop bar

View of the city from rooftop bar

Now to the room itself. The room was rather small but since there were 4 of us in a group it worked out because we got the room all to ourselves and only had to share the bathroom with one other room (which was a single). We also had fairly large lockers which you don’t often get in hostels. Don’t forget to bring a lock! The main downside to the room would be that WIFI isn’t available 🙁

hostel barcelona

Shawn wanted to demonstrate how roomy the lockers were.

Again I cannot reiterate the value of a kitchen inside a hostel. I am all for eating out as much as possible but it’s also so nice to be able to grab food from the market and cook a healthy cheap meal at your hostel so you can relax and unwind from the long day of sight seeing.

Overall I would highly recommend the Equity Point Centric in Barcelona! The beds were comfy, the hostel was clean, and they had a bar plus kitchen! Not to mention it was in a perfect part of Barcelona making it incredibly walkable. What more could you want out of life?



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