Top Tips for Kitchen Tile in a Campervan With Installation Guide

I’ve said it several times and I will say it again, the kitchen is the heart of any home and it’s especially true in our camper van. When you have a beautiful kitchen in your camper van it makes your space feel like a true home and allows your space to really shine. That is … Continue Reading

10 Tips For Building Out a Campervan as a Beginner

Building out a campervan yourself can be extremely rewarding, knowing that you took the time to build out the exact camper van of your dreams through your own hard work and time. It can also extremely taxing mentally and physically. Pushing yourself to learn new things and build inside of a vehicle that is not … Continue Reading

7 Steps to Build DIY Wooden Countertops Under $100 For Your Campervan

It’s time to build out your campervan kitchen. Once you have your kitchen built the next step is picking out a countertop. Instead of a pricey butcher block, we chose to build DIY wooden countertops for under $100 for our campervan. This can be a great option for DIY builders and another great way to … Continue Reading