My favorite thing about living in Seattle is how close we are to a variety of breathtaking hikes only an hour or so away. In the 3 years of living here I have been on countless hikes and these so far are my absolute favorites only 1-2 hours from the city.

My favorite hike of all time which happens to also be a crowd favorite is….

RattleSnake Ledge

Only 45 minutes away, exit 32 off highway 90, Rattle Snake Ledge offers a view that is sure to calm that ever moving mind of yours. The hike is about 2 miles Round trip and although I wouldn’t consider it hard, the last 1/4 mile can be a bit challenging. So Brace yourself and expected to be wowed.

Rattlesnake Ledge


Cedar Butte

Cedar Butte is in the Iron Horst State park parking lot right next to Rattlesnake Lake. Once parked head down the main dirt road and follow it until you see a tiny trail and sign for “Cedar Butte”. This trail is much less crowded than you will find at RattleSnake but the view is still incredible. Great hike to take dogs on and is a quick 3.5 miles round trip.


Cedar Butte

One more hike along I-90 that is worth your time and effort…

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is also a very popular hike but for good reason. Take exit 32 or 38 and you can access Twin Falls. The hike is not particularly a hard one with 3.5 mile round trip and it is pet friendly. This just might be my new go to hike to bring visitors to instead of rattlesnake 🙂


Twin FallsTwin Falls


Now heading off towards Highway 2, Northeast of Seattle

Bridal Veil Falls


Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is an epic waterfall with amazing mountain views that you definitely will not want to miss. The first 1.5 miles is a breeze however beware of the last half mile which can prove to be a little challenging. If you have kids or a small pup you might be carrying them part of the way. Once you get to the top all those worries just disappear….

Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls which is also off of Highway 2 is another Waterfall hike that makes the tough climb worth the trouble. Wallace Falls is the most tough hike out of all of these but still is doable by my fitness levels. It is a great hike for kids and dogs as it is well maintained. I suggest going all the way to the top but if you can’t make it to the third waterfall you still have beautiful views on the 1st and 2nd waterfall stop.

Wallace Falls


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