1958576_10101957709641152_8000021818014731008_nI’ve always had the travelers spirit. I’m not sure where it began really. I don’t have a moment of clarity where I realized that I wanted to spend my life traveling to new places and opening my mind to new experiences, the desire has just always been there waiting for it’s moment to shine. When I was 24 I finally decided enough was enough and I left the Midwest and moved to Seattle with my boyfriend simply because it was calling us. On that 2000 mile journey on the phone with my grandfather, he told me that I must have caught the scent. He informed me that I was “Chasing that Wild Goose”. He said he caught the fever a few times but never followed. I suppose that meant it was up to me to finish the job.

I’ve always felt this urge to be different. Any time I saw someone who had no home but rather traveled all around the world helping others I was always in such awe of them. I’ve always wanted to be that person and am still working on doing so. For now I am working on doing some more selfish traveling. I want to see everything and experience everything. Life is ever changing and there is always a new moment waiting to open your mind and change everything you believe in. It makes life worth living in my eyes.

I wasn’t able to travel to Europe until I was 26, which to me was much too late. I began really reflecting on why exactly it was that I hadn’t simply taken that leap and began my dream of seeing the world. I realized it was for a ton of reasons and really only one: knowledge. Simply put I didn’t know how to travel. How do you book your flight or plan where you will stay or even more so, what would I do when I was there?

Since this realization I have decided I want to have a place where beginners (or even pros), can come and learn from my triumphs and mistakes how to travel. I will be putting all my knowledge into this blog on my novice travels. Where to go, what to do, and how to get there. So if you are thinking about traveling please read on! Feel free to comment on things you would like to hear about and I will gladly write a blog just for you!

“Life is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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