I’ve always had the travelers spirit. I’m not sure where it began really. I don’t have a moment of clarity where I realized that I wanted to spend my life traveling to new places and opening my mind to new experiences, the desire has just always been there waiting for it’s moment to shine. When I was 24 I finally decided enough was enough and I left the Midwest and moved to Seattle with my boyfriend simply because it was calling us. On that 2000 mile journey on the phone with my grandfather, he told me that I must have caught the scent. He informed me that I was “Chasing that Wild Goose”. He said he caught the fever a few times but never followed. I suppose that meant it was up to me to finish the job.

In August 2018 my partner Shawn and I hopped into our DIY Sprinter Conversion van and we have been on the road ever since. I am here writing about our travels and hoping to inspire you to do the same. From how to earn income on the road, van life tips, to travel tips I want to share with you everything I know about vanlife.

Now, in 2024, you can find Shawn Strasburg and me in Missoula, Montana. Our Vanlife journey helped Shawn to pursue his love of photography. He went to Rocky Mountain School of Photography and is now a Missoula Wedding and Family Photographer. If you want to feel your best and remember those special moments in your life, whether it’s a couple’s shoot, elopement, or even a Glacier National Park Wedding, check out Shawn Strasburg Photography!

If you have any questions about vanlife, please reach out to me. I would love to chat!

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