Shawn and I have been full-time in our van since August 2018. In this time we have stayed with friends and family, in the desert, forest, and too many parking lots. Since we began, there is one thing we have not done, and that is to take a break from van life and stay in a hotel. When I found out I was accepted into #BlogHouseScottsdale we knew this was our chance to take the opportunity to relax a bit and get away from the van. If you are in vanlife or are on a road trip read more to find out about our vanlife break at the Andaz Scottsdale.

BlogHouse Scottsdale Review

Bloghouse Scottsdale

Before we dive into my experience at the Andaz Scottsdale, I want to give a little background on why we were there. Bloghouse is an intense conference for bloggers who want to take their website to the next level. It is a small conference with about 20 people in total. Our conference had 12 attendees with 5 mentors! This is an incredible ratio and unheard of in the conference world.

We dove into presentations every morning, then had hands-on workshops every single day to develop your blog strategy. All of the mentors were so kind and never once made us feel like they were on a different level. In fact, after my experience, I had more confidence than ever to continue to blog and work towards my goals of being a full-time blogger.

If you are a blogger looking to level-up then I highly recommend that you apply for next years bloghouse!

The Andaz Scottsdale Resort

Check-in process at The Andaz Scottsdale

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We arrived a day before bloghouse so we could experience all that Scottsdale has to offer. By the time the next day rolled around we were more than ready to be in our hotel. We were a little nervous as the #bloghousescottsdale conference started around 2 pm and check-in was at exactly 2. When we booked our hotel we mentioned that we wanted an early check-in. The morning of we received an email letting us know that we could check-in early. By 10 am our room was ready! We could not believe how early they were letting us in.

The Dog-Friendly Andaz Scottsdale

Dog-Friendly Andaz Scottsdale Resort

One of our main concerns when traveling is whether the dogs will be allowed and accepted. Many places claim that they are dog-friendly but hit you with outrageous fees or have super strict rules about your pup. The Andaz Scottsdale was very dog-friendly and everyone we met smiled and loved on our dogs. The GREAT thing about the Andaz Scottsdale is that all the rooms are on the ground floor. Each hotel is apart of a quadrant of four other hotel rooms which feels more like a duplex made up of studios! You have your own large patio surrounded by lush green lawn.

Andaz Scottsdale Dog Fees: The Andaz Scottsdale charges $150 total per pet per week for their pet fee and allows a two-dog maximum.

The Andaz Scottsdale Rooms

Dog friendly Hotels in Scottsdale

The rooms at the Andaz were so incredibly perfect for what we needed. Each room which feels more like a studio apartment (without a kitchen) have a modern southwestern minimalist layout. It had a simple vibe and great energy which was always nice to walk into after being in the hot crowded van. The rooms were super dog-friendly and didn’t have any crazy unnecessary items that needed to be put out of the dogs reach. There is a mini-fridge with a few freebies, our favorites were the pretzels, chips, and free chocolates.


Andaz Scottsdale Grounds

Andaz Scottsdale Resort

The grounds at the Andaz Scottsdale were absolutely beautiful and are surrounded by mountains in almost every direction you look. There are a plethora of Instagram worthy shots right on the grounds. We even got a tour of the resort where they showed us all the iconic locations. One evening, with some of the ladies from the Bloghouse conference we found a dark spot away from the resort and city light glow to test out some night photography!

How to Cool off in Scottsdale

Andaz Scottsdale pool

I’m going to admit something to you that I’m not super proud of…I didn’t get to try out any of the stunning pools all weekend! The largest pool is positioned right behind the main building and offers bungalows, a hot tub, and plenty of opportunities to cool off in the summer heat. At night they often host parties with a live DJ and fun games. Don’t worry though if you have a room close to the pool, the noise stops at 10 pm!

Looking for more information on Scottsdale? Learn all the best Vegan restaurants, Dog-friendly hikes, and free camping spots!

Vegan options at the Andaz Restaurants

During bloghouse, we were offered breakfast from the Andaz every single morning. There were a few options from the conference buffet such as oatmeal and coconut chia pudding that would have completely satisfied me. However, they went out of their way to make sure I was happy and hand-delivered the most delicious muffin I have ever had. So if you are vegan and heading to the Andaz Scottsdale, I wouldn’t worry about going hungry.

Weft & Warp Art Bar Vegan Options

The restaurant at the Andaz has quite a few vegan options for each meal ranging from your basic avocado toast for breakfast and several salads and veggie sandwiches for lunch. For dinner, they offer roasted corn tacos with an avocado mousse and a wild mushroom risotto that has me currently regretting not being able to personally try it.

Turquoise Pool Bar Vegan Options

When I am out relaxing at the pool it is super important that I have food options. The problem is when you are vegan options usually range from chips and salsa to chips and salsa. At the Andaz, you have so many more options than your typical pool bar. From fruit spears to a more substantial veggie sandwich they have options for even the pickiest vegan. Don’t forget to check out their cocktail menu. Personally, I would try the diamondback fizz with jalapeño agave and grapefruit.

Looking for more vegan options in Scottsdale? Check out my post detailing the best vegan spots in the area!

Relaxing in Scottsdale

Relaxing in Scottsdale is not hard to do when you are staying at the Andaz Scottsdale. The spa has a private pool, steam room, and fitness area available to any spa guests. They offer many different types of massages from a Himalayan salt stone massage,  a DNA Growth Factor Exfoliating Facial- a medical-grade facial exclusive to the Palo Verde Spa which is specific for stressed or photo-damaged skin, and of course some mani-pedis to look your best at the pool.

Our Experience at the Andaz Scottsdale Resort

Overall we found the Andaz Scottsdale to be an incredible experience. We were able to relax in the air conditioning and catch up on much-needed rest. The resort has a local touch that feels very unique to the Andaz, such as the hand-made pottery made by a local artist and a local band who play for special events. Everything feels handpicked and very intentional. We give the Andaz 4 paws up and highly recommend it to any of our road-trip friends who are looking for a nice break from the summer heat.

Have you visited the Andaz Scottsdale? What was your favorite feature?

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