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Picture this: You just put in your two-week notice to your boss, a job you don’t feel fulfilled in. You have a full-time income making money online from your own remote business. The plane ticket has been bought and you are ready to begin traveling the world because you did the work and now you have the money and resources to work online. This can be YOU and has been the case for so many Bucketlist Bombshells students.

If you know me then you know that I am OBSESSED with the Bucketlist Bombshells: Cassie and Shay. They are two amazing ladies who in their early 20’s decided they wanted more than the typical 9-5 life and both took off to Mexico to try their hand at online freelancing. From there their story grew and they realized the world needed to know that it was not only possible to work for yourself online but they wanted to teach millennial women HOW to work online and travel the world. This is how the Bucketlist Bombshell courses were born.

I wanted to write a proper review of the Bucketlist Bombshell courses to answer a question I had before purchasing, “Are the Bucketlist Bombshells Course Worth the Money?”. There are other reviews out there that are NOT full reviews on the actual courses. They are reviewing the webinar which is just a sneak peek into what the courses entail. Do not listen to this blogger as she hasn’t purchased the courses and can’t give you an ACTUAL review. So read on to hear all about my experience and honest opinion of the Bucketlist Bombshell Courses and whether the courses are really worth the money.

This post was originally published in May 2019, and updated in May 2020

My Experience with The Bucketlist Bombshells Courses: 

Woman in converted sprinter van: Bucketlist bombshells course review

When I first saw the Bucketlist Bombshells they were in the middle of their second launch (My details may be a little off 😂) and I immediately was sold. I wanted EXACTLY what they were selling. I wanted to quit my job, be a badass girl boss, and travel the world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite there yet. Their courses cost money and I have NEVER heard of a course like this. “You want me to PAY for you to teach me to work online? Say what?”. When I asked friends they too were skeptical and frankly, it was a scary risk. So I decided that I would wait. I waited until they launched again. WHICH TOOK FOREVER (seriously ladies, while you were doubting yourself I was dying thinking the course would never open again). They were in the middle of learning from their own mistakes and coming back fiercer than ever. They opened it again and I didn’t care about my doubts, I was in.

In February 2017 I purchased the Bucketlist Bombshells courses. Before purchasing, I deliberated between the Design Course, Tech Course, and The Work + Travel Course. I’ve never been incredible at design so I went with the tech course and the Work and Travel the World Course. I immediately dove in and began working hard.

Is the Bucketlist Bombshells Courses Worth it? 

10000 times yes the Bucketlist Bombshells Courses are worth the investment in my honest opinion and review. The Bucketlist Bombshells courses have been the most beneficial thing I have bought when trying to work online and travel the world. It not only gave me the skills but the confidence to begin my entrepreneur journey. Their courses are NOT fluff and have so much knowledge in them that you could go so many different ways with your online business. If you put the work in and learn the skills, work through the entire course, then I believe you will succeed. I’ve seen it personally with my own business and I’ve seen it with so many other students, some of which have even hired me. 

Vanlife apps

I personally dove into the courses and I believe it took a month or two to finish. However, I still go back and watch them again so I can reabsorb some of the lessons inside the course. They are that valuable. 

My advice is to not be afraid to invest. Invest in courses that you believe will help you further along in your business and invest in yourself. Most of us millennials spent thousands plus on a college degree without batting an eye. Why is it they we immediately tense up when we try to spend a fraction of that on business or personal development courses? 

My next advice is: At some point, it’s possible you are going to keep thinking you aren’t good enough. You don’t need to take EVERY course under the sun before you are ready for clients. You are good enough now. Stay in integrity but also realize you have knowledge, skills, and so much to offer others. 

Bucketlist Bombshells.

What is The Bucketlist Bombshells? 

If you aren’t aware, the Bucketlist Bombshells is a website with courses dedicated to helping Millennial women learn the skills to create their own online business so they can work remotely. It was started by Cassie and Shay two women in their 20’s who realized it was possible to travel the world and make money online. They offer three different courses diving into teaching you the skills you need to be able to build your own online business. 

What courses do the Bucketlist Bombshells offer? 

There are three courses that the Bucketlist Bombshells offer: 

  1. The Design Skills Course: A course dedicated to teaching you the skills to be a graphic designer. Learn how to become a graphic designer starting with the basics. You can literally go from zero knowledge to bringing in clients with the skills you learn. I’ve personally seen students enrolled at the same time as I did and they are now making anywhere from 2k-10k per month. 
  2. The Tech Skills Course: The Tech Skills Course teaches you all you need to know to be a virtual assistant. It is so packed with valuable skills from building websites to being a social media manager. 
  3. The Work and Travel the World Course: This is the course you want AFTER you have the skills. The Work and Travel the World Course teaches you how to go from being a freelancer to being an entrepreneur. They teach you how to budget, create a website, find clients and so much more. 

Bucketlist Bombshells Tech Course Review:

Bucketlist Bombshells

The Tech course encompasses an incredible amount of information from website design, email marketing, social media management, and soo much more. You could easily purchase this course and have all you need to know to be a virtual assistant. That being said, the great thing about these courses is you learn what you enjoy doing. I often see that many students find something they are passionate about and dive into that particular niche.

For example, if you love website design then you might offer only Web design packages to clients and you will become a specialist who can charge more. Another great example is Social Media Management. You might begin at an hourly rate and then find that you excel at social media management and truly love it. You could then begin offering packages to clients where you make more money and work less. Personally, I found that I loved Pinterest marketing, so I began to offer it as a stand-alone package.

My favorite part of the skills courses is that they have mini-lessons that give you an opportunity to practice all these new skills they have taught you. So when you learn all about email marketing, you don’t have to try it out for the first time on a client. Instead, they give you detailed instructions on what they want and you take the skills they just taught you and you create it. The next best part is you share it inside the private Facebook group so you can get feedback from the BB team and other BB’s. We are all here to support each other!

What’s Inside the Bucketlist Bombshell Tech Course:

  • Module 1: Social Media Bootcamp: Become a Social Media Manager
  • Module 2: Become a Web Designer: How to build stunning websites that convert
  • Module 3: Blog Management: How To Effectively Manage A WordPress Blog
  • Module 4: Email Marketing Bootcamp: How To Manage Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Module 5: Sales Page Secrets: How To Create Sales Pages That Convert
  • Module 6: Webinar Bootcamp: How To Setup & Schedule Online Webinars
  • Module 7: How To Setup & Manage Online Booking Calendars

The Work Online and Travel the World Course Review

Bucketlist Bomshells Course Review: Learn how to quit your job and start an online business

The Work and Travel the World Course was an incredible asset when it came to starting from the beginning. The BB’s help you create your website LITERALLY step by step, taking you through each separate page that you should create. This was a huge benefit for me as I had no idea how to create a website that would be appealing to clients. Not to mention they have worksheets and videos that walk you through your copywriting on your site so you sound professional!

Next, they walk you through pricing and packages, using a formula to help you decide where you should begin pricing your work. This is probably one of the top questions I had and one that I see newer online workers asking. It was a huge relief to have a way to put pen to paper to figure out where to price myself and how to get there!

After you have a website, it’s time to find clients! This was the scariest part for me! I had no idea how to find clients or how to feel like I was ready. The BB’s cover all of this from finding the client, pitching them, to being prepared to work with them.

This course also is super beneficial in doing taxes (they touch lightly on legal and taxes), how to budget, and they even help you decide where to live!

If you are beginning your business and don’t know where to start I HIGHLY recommend the Work Online and Travel the World Course. It will give you the confidence to start your online business and start bringing in clients (and more importantly money!)

What’s Inside the Bucketlist Bombshell Work Online and Travel the World Course:

  • Module 1: Getting Started: Choosing Your Online Business & Pricing Your Services
  • Module 2: Getting Streamlined: Setting Up Your Client Workflow Process
  • Module 3: Getting Noticed: Building & Launching Your Business Website
  • Module 4: Getting Legit: Legally Setting Up Your Business & Managing Your Finances
  • Module 5: Getting Paid: Finding, Networking & Landing Quality Clients Online
  • Module 6: Goin’ Global: Starting Your Remote Lifestyle & Managing Your Business While Traveling!

The Design Skills Course Review

Bucketlist Bomshells Course Review: Learn how to become a graphic designer

About a year after I first started the courses I knew Design was my weak spot and decided to purchase the Design Course. I know so many incredible women who have taken the Design Skills Course and are absolutely killing it right now. From branding, social media design, and website design the Design skills course teaches you the very basics of understanding color, creating mood boards, designing logs, and designing websites.

They cover Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator teaching you how to use them and what to use them for! This was huge for me as I had always stuck to Canva and this has given me the ability to move up to a more professional software that allows for more creative freedom.

Not to mention walking you through how to use each and then create mini-lessons so you can practice the skills they are teaching you!

If you have a creative eye and love working with colors, themes, and ideas then the Design Skills Course might be absolutely perfect for you!

What’s Inside the Bucketlist Bombshell Design Course:

  • Module 1: What’s Inside the Bucketlist Bombshell Work Online and Travel the World Course:
  • Module 2: The Ins & Outs Of The Adobe Creative Suite Design Programs
  • Module 3: Using Creative Briefs & Designing Eye-Catching Moodboards
  • Module 4: How To Design Swoon-Worthy Logos: From Basic To Advanced
  • Module 5: Designing Effective Branding Style Boards & Style Guides For Brands
  • Module 6: Designing Valuable Marketing Materials For Clients
  • Module 7: Designing Social Media Graphics For Maximum Exposure

Bucketlist Bombshells Success Story 

Live in your van and travel the world.

When you finished the Bucketlist Bombshell courses, how long did it take to find the first clients?

I finished the courses and began working on my business fairly quickly as I was so pumped and excited to quit my job. I believe my timeline was here-ish

  • March– Began Tech course and then afterward the WTC. 
  • April– Started to work on website and packages
  • May-Began looking for clients
  • June– Said screw it all and quit my job without any clients 

Technically my first client was my best friend Vanessa doing some Craigslist ad work for her. The reason I tell you this is to make sure you put yourself out there with friends and family. You have NO idea what people may need or who people may know. Your friends and family want to help you, put yourself out there, let them know what you are doing and who you can help. You might be surprised with what you come up with! 

By putting myself out there my best friend also saw a need and an opportunity for me. She is apart of a local Women’s Entrepreneur group who are always looking for ways to learn and grow. I was able to take my knowledge and give a presentation on Pinterest. From that presentation alone I got 2 new clients! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there even in the beginning. YOU do have valuable knowledge to give others! 

After this, my next client came from a Craigslist ad. Yep, I threw up a few craigslist ads under marketing and I actually got quite a few replies! Not all were great fits for me or for them but one was and we are still working together, 2 years later! 

It kept cascading from there and I found many clients through FB Groups and referrals! If you are struggling the BBs have a free course to help you find clients! They also focus on this a ton in the WTC.  

What are the pros and cons of being your own boss and working online?

Become a virtual assistant and travel the world. Bucketlist Bombshells Course Review.
  • Pros: You get to be your own boss and work from where ever you want. 
  • Cons: You are your own boss and get to work anywhere. 

Haha, I’m kidding but also super serious. When I first started it was SOOOO difficult for me to get anything done. I felt like I was on my computer all day but then I would look and see I had only done a few hours of client work. Or maybe I worked all day and didn’t apply for one job. It’s easy to get distracted, feel unproductive, and sometimes the smallest task can take up your own day. All those hours are up to you to fill and if you weren’t doing client work then there is no paycheck at the end. 

It also can be insanely lonely. Being an entrepreneur is TOUGH. You are going through so many highs and lows not to mention constantly working on yourself just as a human being. If you are feeling this way I recommend looking into a co-working center or an online community. I have joined a few and my personal favorite is the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle. I’ll write a post about that soon too. 

The great thing about owning your own business is you get to create your life the way you want it. I mean it. Do you want to move to Spain and work with digital nomads from around the world? You can totally do that! 

Do you want to move into your van and work from different cities every day? It is your time to shine! 

No matter any of the cons for me I love being able to create a life that is all mine. 

How I Started Van Life 

How to start van life. A bucketlist bombshells course review.

This story is all about my experiences with the courses and how they worked for me. However, I want to give you a peek into where these courses led me. Due to the Bucketlist Bombshells Courses and starting my own online business I was able to quit my job. Once I quit my job my boyfriend and I worked really hard and built out a Sprinter van to be our home on wheels. 

We now travel full-time in our campervan with our two pups around North America. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and I credit my success to Cassie and Shay. Seriously, I don’t know how I would have ever done it without these courses giving me the confidence and skills to move forward to working online. 

Interested in Vanlife? Read about how we started living in a van. 

Advice for quitting your 9-5 job to travel the world. 

How to begin van life

Explore all your options. YOU ARE NOT STUCK. You’re simply not. There have been countless before you with so many reasons that it wouldn’t work and yet they figured it out. SO CAN YOU. Reach out to people, ask questions, and discover what is out there. 

My all-time favorite advice is to do ONE thing every day that gets you closer to your goal. One thing and before you know it, you will be there. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed I also created a list of jobs you can do remotely here

Bucketlist Bombshells FAQ:

  • How Much Does the Bucklist Bombshells Courses Cost?
    • The Bucketlist Bombshells courses range from $397 to $1097 depending on which bundle you choose. It is $397 for the individual skills courses, $674 for skills course bundle (both courses) and $497 for the Work and Travel the World course. You can bundle one skills course and the Work and Travel Course for $749 and $1097 for all three courses when purchased at the same time. 
  • Is there a coupon code for the Bucketlist Bombshells Courses?
    • By purchasing more than one course at a time you can save money. If you purchase the Design Skills Course and Tech Skills course you can save $119. For the Skills Course and Work and Travel Course Bundle you save $145 and If you purchase all three courses you can save $194.  
  • Do the Bucketlist Bombshells Offer a Refund?  Yes, the Bucketlist Bombshells offer a 15-day money-back guarantee
Check out the different Bucketlist Bombshell Courses: 
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