The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife in Florida

In the vanlife community, it feels that most people tend to avoid the East Coast and flock only to the Mid-West, South – West and the West Coast. The West Coast is incredible and it is mostly van-friendly but it doesn’t make the East Coast a space you should avoid as a vanlifer. In fact, … Continue Reading

Vanlife in Jackson Hole Wyoming

When Shawn and I decided to head to the Grand Tetons Van Life Gathering we were stoked to finally see the Teton Mountain range in person. They are just as majestic as described and more breathtaking than I could have ever imagined. They sit towering over you with snow-capped peaks so tall you’re not sure … Continue Reading

Ultimate Vanlife Overnight Parking Guide

Vanlife is incredible. You get to travel all the time, see amazing spots, and do WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want (within the law). It’s an adventure I’m so lucky to be in. With all the upsides to road-tripping across the United States, van life does have its moments. Once we moved into our van, … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife in Seattle

After a year on the road, Shawn and I finally made it back to Seattle in 2019, a place we called home for 5 years before moving to North Carolina. Seattle has so many great things going for it including great food, tons of outdoor activities, and plenty of fun breweries to check out. On … Continue Reading

Top Off-Leash Dog Parks in the United States

We have found the best off-leash dog parks during our van life travels. Find off-leash dog parks in the United States when you are on a road trip.

Andaz Scottsdale Weekend Retreat: A Vanlife Break

Are you looking for the top dog-friendly resort in Scottsdale Arizona? Read my review of the Andaz Scottsdale in the summertime!

Van Life in Scottsdale Arizona

Van Life in Scottsdale Arizona in the heat of the summer: When you are a van lifer, you typically stay away from the hotter climates during the summer months. However you can’t avoid the southern states ALL THE TIME. Besides why would you want to anyways? Arizona for instance is a great place to visit … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife in San Diego

The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife in San Diego. Learn where to overnight stealth park in San Diego, dog-friendly San Diego Beaches, and vegan restaurants.

The Best Vanlife Destinations in the US

When traveling on a road trip full-time you find that you encounter so many incredible locations to visit and sometimes even park overnight. That being said when starting out as a vanlifer it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. That is why I asked vanlifers what they thought was the best vanlife destination. … Continue Reading

Van Life in Salem, Massachusetts

We spent a few days in Salem, MA during Halloween in our converted Sprinter Van Mosby. We tell you all the great spots to hang out in Salem during October.