Dog Friendly Beaches in Miami

Miami is not the dog friendliest place we’ve ever been…In fact, I would say it’s one of the worst. South Florida is filled with so many beautiful parks, lakes, and beaches yet most of them do not allow dogs inside. In fact before coming to Miami, I never even thought to look online to see … Continue Reading

Van Life in Salem, Massachusetts

It’s been two weeks living up Van Life and we are finally starting to settle in. Shawn was able to get the battery isolator hooked up which means constant power to our solar batteries. If you don’t know what a battery isolator is then basically when the van is running it pulls power from the isolator … Continue Reading

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia

Shawn and I set off on our vanlife East Coast road trip just a few days ago unsure of where we were really going to land. We started in Greensboro, NC and quickly decided to head North East to our favorite city, Philadelphia. Last time we went to Philadelphia, we ate and drank our way … Continue Reading

Beginner Tips for Surviving the Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail

So you want to hike the Grand Canyon? Do you think 12 miles in the desert heat sounds like a fun challenge? By all means, hike your heart away but please listen to these tips for surviving the Grand Canyon that I learned while hiking the Bright Angel Trail. ***Please note these are basic tips … Continue Reading