The Best Campervan Storage Ideas: How to Easily Stay Organized On The Road

Whether part-time or full-time on the road, space is optimal in a campervan build. However, we also know it’s not the most straightforward task and can get stressful and overwhelming. While we chose to hit the road so that we can be outside more, there is no question that having room to move around your … Continue Reading

The Best Solar Panels For Van Conversion

What are the best solar panels for van conversion? This article will break down this potentially overwhelming and time-consuming topic once and for all. Solar panels are a valuable investment when converting a campervan because they make living off-grid more manageable and comfortable. You may think it is a significant investment, but placing solar panels … Continue Reading

Don’t Break The Bank! Keep Food Cold With The Best Cooler For Van Life

In van life, we encounter many different climates, situations, and experiences, and we want the products and materials in our tiny home on wheels to be just as adaptable. When looking at what you need for your van, you may not be ready to invest in a campervan fridge. Instead, finding the best cooler for van … Continue Reading

Build a DIY Campervan Countertop Under $100 in 7 Steps

It’s time to build out your campervan kitchen. Once you have your kitchen built the next step is picking out a campervan countertop. Instead of a pricey butcher block countertop, we chose to build DIY wooden countertops for under $100 for our camper van. This can be a great option for DIY builders and another … Continue Reading

12 Van Build Tips for an Easy Campervan Conversion

Building out a campervan yourself can be extremely rewarding, knowing that you took the time to build out the exact camper van of your dreams through your own hard work and time. It can also extremely taxing mentally and physically. Pushing yourself to learn new things and build inside of a vehicle that is not … Continue Reading

It is Possible to Van Life With a Dog? Tips, Essentials, and Your Questions Answered!

Picture this: Long flapping ears and a sticky tongue hanging out in the wind cruising down a deserted dirt road. You pull to a stop and your favorite van life dog hops out and runs wild. You grab your bicycle and you both spend hours exploring miles of wilderness. Van Life with a dog is … Continue Reading

The Best Campervan Power Inverter: How to be Fully Charged Off-Grid

The dream version of vanlife often consists of images of a large white van in the desert and mountain landscapes, a couple hiking with their dog, and friends around a campfire. While this is often true, what you might not see is all the tiny components in the van that make such a life possible … Continue Reading

The 8 Best Campervan Bike Racks for Vanlife with easy DIY Instructions

Imagine driving down a long dirt road. The mountains are in view and the sun is glistening up above. You can feel the warmth seeping into your skin and the air feels perfectly cool. You set up camp for the day and decide to go for a ride. A Bike ride. You quickly take your … Continue Reading

Bright Campervan Lighting Ideas and Step by Step Installation Instructions

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Easy DIY How-To Guide: Installing Van Windows into your campervan

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