Vanlife Toilet Options for Campervans

We have been traveling in our van since August of 2018 now and still to this day one of the top questions we get asked about vanlife is “Where do you go to the bathroom?”. There are many ways to solve the bathroom issue on the road and so many people do it differently. If … Continue Reading

Vanlife Wifi Options: How to Get Wifi in Your Van

If you are considering vanlife then you might be thinking about how to get wifi in your van or the best vanlife internet option. Shawn and I have been on the road since 2018 and have traveled from the east coast to the west coast and back again. During this time we have been living … Continue Reading

The Best Vanlife Hygiene Products to Stay Clean on the Road

We have been living in a van since 2018 and have discovered that as much as we would like to pretend you can still live a semi-normal life, the truth is everyday conveniences aren’t always available. Things like a running toilet and warm shower may not be in the next room and you have to … Continue Reading

The Top 14 Vanlife Apps for the Ultimate Road Trip

When beginning your Vanlife journey it can be a bit overwhelming. When we first hit the road a year ago we had NO IDEA what we were doing. We weren’t sure where we would park, where we were going, or how to even live in such a tiny space. We underestimated a lot of the … Continue Reading

Ultimate Vanlife Overnight Parking Guide

Vanlife is incredible. You get to travel all the time, see amazing spots, and do WHATEVER you want WHENEVER you want (within the law). It’s an adventure I’m so lucky to be in. With all the upsides to road-tripping across the United States, van life does have its moments. Once we moved into our van, … Continue Reading

Van Life Laundry: Washing Clothes in a Campervan

When you are a road trip or if you live in your van full-time then your clothes are going to get dirty quickly and you will need to do laundry. Inside such a small space with limited electricity, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to fit any kind of washing machine. This means … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Vanlife in Seattle

After a year on the road, Shawn and I finally made it back to Seattle in 2019, a place we called home for 5 years before moving to North Carolina. Seattle has so many great things going for it including great food, tons of outdoor activities, and plenty of fun breweries to check out. On … Continue Reading

Tips for Traveling Full-Time as a Vanlife Couple

Are you considering trying out Vanlife and want your partner to join you? Living in 60sq ft alone is a daunting enough task but adding another human being into that tiny space adds an entirely new element. On one hand, you will experience more beautiful moments and be closer to this person than anyone on … Continue Reading

Top Off-Leash Dog Parks in the United States

When you have a dog, chances are you want them to be with you as much as possible. Finding off-leash dog parks is the best way to let them get some energy and truly feel like a wild dog. As we have traveled across the United States we have found incredible off-leash dogs parks along … Continue Reading

Top Campervan Cooking and Stove Options for Vanlife

When you think of living in a van, some might think of spaghettios in a can, dehydrated camping food, and maybe eating out all the time. Most people in a van are on a budget and want to optimize their budget as much as possible. This is why it is important to think about what … Continue Reading