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Miami is not the dog friendliest place we’ve ever been…In fact, I would say it’s one of the worst. South Florida is filled with so many beautiful parks, lakes, and beaches yet most of them do not allow dogs inside. In fact before coming to Miami, I never even thought to look online to see if a Park allowed dogs. It simply didn’t cross my mind. When going to visit Florida we immediately pictured headed to the dog beaches in Miami and were stopped in our tracks when trying to find places.

That being said, there are still some good places that you can go to spend time with your Canine friend. I have made a list of the places we either personally visited or ones that we researched enough to feel confident that anyone would enjoy it! There are plenty more options in Miami and I highly encourage you to check them out as well!

Dog-Friendly Beaches:


Fort Lauderdale Beach


This beach is dog-friendly but they only allow dogs on weekends: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 3pm-7pm. It does cost $7 but it covers the entire weekend. It is an ON-LEASH beach which is surprising since they charge but they do have restrooms and outdoor showers.


Hollywood Dog Beach


Hollywood is a little closer to Miami and they also allow dogs but it is only on weekends. It is $10 per dog per day which is a little steep in my opinion but your pup can actually run off leash which is rare in Miami so it might be worth it to you.


Haulover Beach


Known for its nude beach sections Haulover comes in as our number one favorite dog beach. Surprisingly the dog section does not allow nudity ;). The beach is open weekdays from 10am-3pm and parking is only $2 if you have a pup with you. It’s not technically off-leash but most people did let their pups off the leash if they were well behaved. I imagine it’s a hefty fine if caught so do so at your own risk.

This was the spot we chose to check out as we enjoy doing popular activities on days when it might not be as crowded or busy. It’s not a huge beach, about a football fields length but it’s a nice place to hang out, grab a book and chill with your favorite pup while getting a tan. They also have a nice dog park in the same parking lot at the beach, it is a nice grassy off-leash dog park and a great addition to the area.

The dog beach is in between tower #2 and tower #3, to get there simply put, “Haulover Dog Beach” into your Google Maps and it will take you right to the parking lot. There are plenty of signs so you can easily understand where dogs are and aren’t allowed.


Dog Beach Palm Beach

Ok so this dog park isn’t exactly in Miami but it is noteworthy for sure. We decided to take a drive up to Palm Beach to relax for the weekend while we were working. Palm Beach is a small beach town with a TON of money. I mean MONEY. The grocery store has a free valet kind of money, that parking lot alone contained a million dollars worth of cars at one time. It was super interesting to see and we were a little intimidated at first.

Luckily we are great stealth campers since so far that’s all we’ve really done and we quickly found a spot to park that is great for overnights and it’s a 2-minute walk to the beach! The beach is quite big and pretty quiet. It’s a neighborhood beach with no public bathrooms so you don’t see many tourists hanging around. Instead, you see local surfers, a few families, and dogs! The best part about the beach is that they allow dogs! The signs were pretty ambiguous and didn’t say that dogs had to be on a leash which makes for an even better dog beach experience when you have a pup.

We spent a few hours there, laid out a blanket and simply relaxed. Milo loved it and we love it. We loved it so much that we spent two days there. I highly recommend “Dog Beach Palm Beach” if you are looking for a super chill beach.

Off-Leash Dog Parks


Freshwater Dog Park


Coming in at $5 per visit we couldn’t bring ourselves to visit this fun Dog Park. Reviews online place it as a nice off-leash dog park in Fort Lauderdale and a good place to allow your pup some water exercise. It is a freshwater beach so you will still get your craving for some sand and fun but since it’s for serious sports dogs, I don’t imagine you will get much relaxation in.


Woodville Dog Park


Woodville Dog Park is a clean fenced-in off-leash dog park in the Fort Lauderdale area that is great if your dog REALLY needs some off-leash time. It’s not a huge park and it’s nothing you haven’t seen before but again sometimes our pups just want to be off leash and we want a minute to be able to let them run around with constant paranoia when we’ve been in the city too long.

It’s free to enter and free to park.


Haulover Dog Park


As mentioned above Haulover Beach has a dog park in the same parking lot. They have two areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. It’s a grassy open field which is a great alternative to all the sandy areas in Miami. It is a decent sized park and when we were there it wasn’t too busy so Milo didn’t feel overwhelmed by other dogs.


Amelia Earhart Bark Park


Although we didn’t get to visit, the Amelia Earhart Bark Park looked like quite the experience for pups and ALMOST makes up for the fact that Miami is so unfriendly to dogs. The park allows for dogs to be unleashed in its 5 acres of unleashed land out of the 515 acres in the entirety of the park.

It is free on weekdays but will cost you $7 on weekends.

Overall Miami wasn’t the most dog-friendly city we have visited. You definitely have to make it work when it comes to spending time with your pup outside of your own home. Luckily there are beaches that allow dogs and tons of parks you just have to work around the time constraints and be willing to pay to go have some fun.

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I list my top dog-friendly beaches in Miami, Florida. Learn where to go in South Florida when you have a dog.
I list my top dog-friendly beaches in Miami, Florida. Learn where to go in South Florida when you have a dog.

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