Meet Mosby the Adventure Mobile

Our Van Details

Year, Make, and Model: 2008 Sprinter Van 2500

Size: 144″ Wheelbase with Hightop

Mileage: 116,000

Price from Dealership: $11,500

Warranty: $2000

Our Sprinter Van Conversion

Shawn and I personally built out every inch of our van. Before building the van, we had zero experience with craftsmanship. It took a lot of youtube, tutorials and doing things two or three times before we got it correct.

Even now that the van is finished there are so many things we would do differently. Our advice is to take your time and really think out your build. Consider what you want to be doing in your campervan and how you can make your build fit your envisioned lifestyle. 

Wall and Ceiling Insulation

Wall: 1.5 Inch Polyiso

Spray foam to fill in gaps

Primaloft Thinsulate for spins


2 Inch Polyiso

Primaloft Thinsulate for spins

Wall, Ceiling and Floor

Inner Walls: 1/4 Inch Plywood

Outer Walls: Lowe’s Whitewashed Bead Board

Ceiling: Lowe’s Shiplap

Flooring: Heather Gray Vinyl Flooring

Kitchen Appliances

Faucet: Brushed Nickel Faucet

Water Filter: 2 Stage Water Filter

Water Pump: ShurFlo Water Pump

One Burner Induction Stove: Rosewill Induction Burner

Coleman Portable Gas Stove



Bedroom/Living Area