Are you looking into how to work remotely so that you can live life to its fullest and travel fulltime? I know many people who are considering vanlife and want to make money on the road or current vanlifers who want to be able to work remotely so they don’t have to stay in one place or constantly look for side gigs. Vanlife remote work is a great opportunity for that but it can be difficult to know where to start. Below I have listed my favorite resources for starting vanlife remote work from courses to websites.

The wonderful thing about trying to find work online is that there are so many entrepreneurs that have already done it and are now creating courses to help you get remote jobs faster and easier than they did. I personally have taken many courses and they all have helped me to create the online business and this blog that both help to support my vanlife dream. Each course is different in what skills it can teach you. I recommend you take a look at the different vanlife work jobs there are and then decide from there if you need to expand your skills. You can choose from these courses and learn the skills necessary to land your dream remote job or build your own online business!

1. The Bucketlist Bombshells

starting vanlife remote work

The Bucketlist Bombshells are courses dedicated to helping people learn the skills necessary to build online businesses so you can work remotely. They offer three courses to get you started: Design Skills, Tech Skills, and The Work + Travel Course. 

The Design Skills Course course focuses on helping you learn how to become a graphic designer for online businesses with their overall branding. This goes from mood boards, social media graphics, to the overall design of a website! Their next course, the Tech Skills Course teaches you how to dive into the backend of the online world. These skills enable you to be a virtual assistant, social media manager, website designer and so much more.

After you have the skills needed to find online jobs the next step is to build your business so you can get clients. This is where the Work and Travel the World (WTC) course comes in. The WTC gives you step by step instructions for building your online website, marketing, how to price your packages, finding clients, and even budgeting so you can travel full-time to find clients

I personally took all three courses and they were fully instrumental in helping me find a way to make money online so I could begin vanlife. Without these courses, I might still be spinning my wheels, unhappy and unfulfilled. They have the biggest hearts and have changed the lives of so many ladies.

Want to hear more about the Bucketlist Bombshell courses? Read my full review here!

Check out all of the Bucketlist Bombshell courses!

2. Remote Like Me

Starting vanlife remote work

As I mentioned above there are a ton of vanlife remote work opportunities out there outside of the typical online job. There are Virtual nurses, accountants, engineers, marketing, and many more job opportunities that won’t leave you chained to the desk or an office. You don’t have to give up your insurance and benefits to be free and travel the world! The problem can often be finding those jobs and even if you do find them how to begin to be competitive in that world.

This is where Taylor the owner of Remote Like Me comes in. She has a course dedicated to teaching you how to land any remote job. It covers where to find remote jobs, resume examples, worksheets, and much more. If you still love the idea of working with a team and being apart of the company culture but want to travel the world then this course is the one for you. Taylor teaches you all you need to know so you can land your dream remote job.

To get started she offers a free Masterclass on her  4-step proven process to go remote that she usually keeps secret for her private clients and members. She explains, “During this one hour class, you’ll learn details on finding and landing a remote job from any country in the world so that you can finally live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Finding legit remote-jobs, applying to stand out, acing the interview, networking, and more!”.

3. Udemy

Explore possibilities. Learn new skills for as low as $11.99

If you aren’t ready to invest hundreds of dollars into a large course then you might consider video lessons from Udemy. Udemy has hundreds of courses to choose from ranging from social media, photography lessons, to making money on Youtube. It’s great because they often have sales as low as $9.99 for a course normally priced over $100.

4. SkillShare

Learn on Skillshare

Skillshare is just like Udemy, a website full of courses created by masters in their own fields. The difference is that SkillShare is a monthly membership allowing you access to hundreds of videos for a fixed cost. They also offer a free membership which gives you access to certain videos. The free membership gives you a chance to check out the videos they do offer and see if a monthly membership is worth it! If you are someone that likes to constantly learn new things then Skillshare might be great for you!

5. Digital Nomad Girls

starting vanlife remote work

Once you have the skills to get the remote job of your dreams it’s time to start applying! A way to find remote work jobs is through the Digital Nomad Girls website. Jenny the creator of Digital Nomad Girls sends out a list every week with her newsletter of remote work opportunities! I highly recommend not only getting on her newsletter but checking out all of the other information she has to offer on remote work opportunities!

P.S. Jenny also created a membership platform for Digital Nomad Women to come together to co-work, collaborate, and learn. I highly recommend checking it out!

6. Websites for Finding and Starting Vanlife Remote Work

There are a plethora of websites that list all the different remote jobs that are available. To help narrow it down these are the top websites that I recommend to begin your search.

  • Panagin– A great website that lists multiple remote jobs. You do have to register but it is free to register and they send you emails when new opportunities are available!
  • Indeed– Indeed is a well-known resource for finding jobs, but did you know they list remote work as well? Simply use their filter tool and on the location button hit “remote”.
  • Remote Ok – A website dedicated to helping nomads find great remote job opportunities.
  • Working Nomads– Another great website that focuses only on remote work.
  • CloudPeeps – Just starting out? CloudPeeps is a great path to starting vanlife remote work. You create a profile and then bid on projects people post.
  • Facebook Groups – A majority of my first clients came from Facebook groups. People are posting questions and job opportunities daily. To begin start by typing in “virtual assistant jobs” or “category you are skilled in + job” and see what kind of groups pop up!

It can seem daunting at first when starting vanlife remote work but there are so many resources and opportunities out there that I believe you can do it. You simply need to start with one step at a time. What is holding you back from beginning your remote work journey?



This is a fantastic list for remote work, thanks for pulling it all together so well. Also, the new theme looks great!!
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So glad you like it!! Thanks for all the help!
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