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If you’re a last minute shopper like me then you know that Amazon Prime is life and part of the reason you procrastinate so much. I made this list for all your procrastinators out there so you can be at ease and purchased your gifts either online and deliver by email or through Amazon Prime and get it to them in 2 days for free or 24 hours if you really like to wait until the last minute.

So if you are looking for a great gift for your friend who just took the leap and started their own business? Or maybe you have a friend who freelances their way around the globe as a digital nomad. Either way, these gifts are great for your best friends that are on the go and don’t have room for a ton of stuff!


Head Phones


Seriously you cannot go wrong with blue tooth headphones. Shawn bought me bose headphones for my 30th birthday and I use them ALL THE TIME. When I”m at the co-working center in the main working area it’s a great opportunity to be around more people but still get more work done. It’s also great when I’m not near a co-working center and need to be in the van next to Shawn or in a busy and usually LOUD coffee shop.

Bose Headphones


So I have these and LOVE my Bose headphones. They are noise proof and so worth the money. I didn’t think I would love over the ear but they are comfortable and better for when you need to use them for long periods of time.

Apple Ear Pods  


I don’t personally have the apple ear pods but they are fantastic for when you are on the go or don’t want to wear the clunky headphones. Also useful when you need to work out and want to watch your favorite yoga video but don’t want the entire gym to have to listen in.




Planners are essential for a business owner. We have 1000 things going all the time and likely no one to keep us accountable. My favorite planner is by InkWell Press. Inkwell press was made to help people be organized and efficient. She wanted to build something that had heart and purpose. Well, mission accomplished. With spots to put in monthly goals and intentions, I always find myself inspired when I use my planner.

Check out her daily download and weekly planner as well!




This really goes for anyone but entrepreneurs are usually stressed, tired, and the last to do any sort of self-care routine. A massage goes a long way to an overworked business owner.

Kindle Books


There are so many incredible books that will help inspire and lead your entrepreneur friend. I LOVE a good book and the best thing is that you can send them a kindle book! It won’t clutter up their limited space but will keep


Camera Gear Gifts


Chances are if your friend is a digital nomad or entrepreneur they are promoting themselves online constantly. It is much easier to promote yourself if you have the right camera set up. A phone mount and tripod make those Facebook Lives appear more professional and easier to do.


Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Compact Action Tripod

This tripod is great for a DSLR or for your phone camera. It is what we personally have and it is durable, light and easy to use.


Manfrotto MTPIXI PIXI Mini Tripod ZAYKiR Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter

This is great for your cell phone if your friend is big on making videos whether it is on YouTube, Facebook Live, or Instagram.


Manfrotto Universal, clamp TwistGrip Tripod Adapter

You’ll need this guy to mount your cell phone onto your tripod.


Donation in their name


I can’t speak for every entrepreneur but as a van-lifer and digital nomad I don’t have a ton of room for more “stuff”. I am constantly thinking about how I can give back and what kind of impact I am making in the world. I would absolutely love any gift that gave back to the world.


E-Gifts for Entrepreneurs


E-gifts are so underrated. Maybe they feel a little impersonal but honestly, when you are on the road they are so freaking handy! I’ve never had a gift card I didn’t use or love. So here are my favorite E-gifts that I love and believe most entrepreneurs and digital nomads alike will also be happy to receive!




You’re going to be hard pressed to find someone who won’t appreciate a Starbucks gift card. Sure you have a few haters but really even if they don’t love coffee they have gifts and food items for everyone.




The mecca itself is definitely a good place to have a gift card from. Even from the road I can easily send items to an Amazon Locker and pick them up at my nearest location (wherever that may be at the time).




Most entrepreneurs use Adobe, not all of course but some do. If you think your gift recipient may be in that category then they would love a subscription to adobe.




Udemy is a site with a plethora of digital courses for EVERYTHING. Want to learn how to be a professional photographer? Instagram Influencer? Basket weaving? Udemy has it all.

Whole Foods


Ok, maybe this a personal preference but Whole Foods may or may not be my favorite store. Fresh produce, vegan options, hot bar, TTLA- I mean who doesn’t love Whole Foods? Plus starting your own business doesn’t always mean tons of money so free organic groceries are always helpful ?


So if you are looking for a last minute gift then look no further as these gifts can all be ordered on Amazon or as an E-gift which delivers when you want! Good luck my procrastinating friends. I’m going to finish ordering my last minute gifts ?




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