Our Red Haired Angel

I will always remember Jas running around in circles shaking her boxer butt like no other breed of dog can. It didn’t matter if we were gone for hours or minutes Jas would be in your space almost knocking you over letting you know with her wiggly butt how excited she was that you came back.

She had the sweetest face. A big mug with minimal teeth (a likely hazard of improper breeding) and a white spot on her indented forehead and the sweetest brown eyes I’d ever seen. The kind of eyes that moved you to give the last bite of your juicy hamburger even if you swore you’d eat every last drop.

She didn’t like to cuddle much but when she did, oh man did you feel like you were the luckiest person in the entire world. She would snuggle right up to you and lay beside you human style. She was happy to be the little spoon and occasionally she would decide to be dachshund like and curl up in a ball beside you under the blanket.

She loved walks, runs, swimming and insisted on taking long deep inhales when she saw a flower on her walk.


She may not have been an extraordinary dog to outsiders but she was ours and to us, she was our everything. She loved us and showed it every single day down to her last day. That’s all we could have ever asked for in a friend.

In her prime she was a warrior, running up mountains and conquering boulders. We often would have to anticipate her reaction when she saw a large boulder for she was known for jumping on top of them and then Shawn would have to find a way to get her down.


I’ll never forget her MacGyver moves either. You couldn’t leave any kind of carb on the counter or those long legs would find a way to swipe that bread right onto the floor. Rumor still is “Milo made her do it”…. I guess we’ll never know.


A Last Day


On her last day, we did everything we could that we knew she loved. She got a walk in the park and a swim in a pond (we later saw was banned for dogs whoops). We sat in a park swing for about an hour and just enjoyed each other’s company.

That was one of the best things about Jas. She was happy just to be in your presence, apart of the journey. Take her to a brewery? She would chill on the ground and be the calmest person in the joint. Take her on a run? She would run like there was a pizza at the end of the route. It didn’t’ matter, Jas was always down. I will miss her beautiful spirit and love for life.

After our park stint, we took her to get ice cream and waffle fries. She thought she was already in heaven and devoured all of it. (Milo got the droppings)

Chasing the wild goose

Jasmyne got a great last day but it doesn’t matter what kind of day you give your best friend. In the end, it still tears you apart that as their guardian you have to decide when it is time to say goodbye. You have to do what is best for them despite at the same time feeling like you are betraying all the trust they have put in you.

All you can do is know that they had the best life you could give and be grateful that you got to be a part of it.

Jasmyne Rose, I will always think of you when I see flowers and remember to stop and smell them every once in a while.







As I shared with you and Shawn on IG your tribute brought tears to my eyes from deep down in my heart. This is such a beautiful tribute to Jasmyne and all the tears again. My love and blessings always to you guys.


Thank you Mike. I know you more than anyone understand what we are going through. Much love to you my friend.

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