The kitchen is the heart of any home and that includes your campervan kitchen. Living in 60 square feet can seem daunting but you would be surprised how much you can fit. You don’t have to give up your delicious homemade meals or food straight from the oven! From what campervan stove is the best to which refrigerator uses the least amount of energy, this van build kitchen guide has you covered!

Van Build Kitchen Appliances

Which appliances do you really need in your campervan kitchen? Is it possible to have an oven in such a tiny space? How about a refrigerator? Which one is best for you?

Van Build Kitchen Plumbing

Plumbing was one of the tougher things for us to figure out which is why we have written a post covering all the details on how to have a full sink and greywater system in your campervan!

Van Build Kitchen Tips

Learn our top kitchen essentials, our favorite vegan recipes, and top cooking tips for life on the road!