Learn everything you need to know about building a DIY conversion van. From Solar and Electrical systems, Flooring, Kitchen Setup, to decorations I have you covered with this step-by-step van build guide.

After two years on the road, we have learned so much and want to pass all that knowledge on to you, for free of course. Our mistakes are your gain so you have the best build possible! Even if you are not building your van out yourself you will still get tons of information to help you build the campervan of your dreams!


Let’s start with my favorite part of the van build guide. Your Kitchen! For us, our kitchen was an essential part of the build and made our van feel more like home. From Your Vanlife appliances including campervan stoves, ovens, and refrigerators we will make it easy for you. We didn’t forget the woodwork either, let’s figure out how to build your own campervan cabinets, build a kitchen and install kitchen tile!

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The next step in our van conversion guide will take you through picking out your van ceiling options from planks to beadboard and how to install that perfect campervan ceiling. Not to mention the campervan fan that will keep you cool during those hot summer days.

Your campervan flooring is also important since it will likely have tons of wear and tear so we guide you with our installing campervan flooring post.

Then ne of the most important things in your DIY campervan conversion- Insulation.

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Having electricity in our camper van was absolutely essential. In order to have the perfect van build layout that included things like a refrigerator and a running sink, we knew we would need a good solar system. To help you achieve the camper of your dreams we have laid out how to install your solar system including solar panels, solar charge controller, inverter, batteries, and more.

Next, we wanted to make sure you had plenty of light with our campervan lighting guide.

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Again running water was important to us in our van build process. It was also one of the hardest parts of building out the van, so we made sure to include it so it would be easier for you. From the type of water tank you need to your water pump we have you covered.

Let’s us not forget to stay clean on the road. Here are all of your options when it comes to showering in a van. Then let’s add in my favorite addition to our second van which was a composting toilet!

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This van build guide would not be complete without tips and tricks to make your van feel like a home!

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