After experiencing Van life in Key West,  we were advised to check out St. Augustine, one of Florida’s oldest cities. We were promised a small beach town feel with plenty to do and see. We were not disappointed at Van Life in St. Augustine.

Top Places to Overnight Park on St. Augustine Beach 

Things to do in St. Augustine

As of September 2019, it is illegal to camp in your car and therefore you risk a fine or jail if you are caught stealthing. So if you are visiting St. Augustine I recommend these paid campsites:

  • Anastasia State Park – For around $30 a night you get a fire ring, access to electricity, water, showers, and restrooms. Pets are allowed but cannot be on the beach or the playgrounds.
  • St. Augustine KOA The KOA is close to town as well and has similar amenities

St Augustine Beach Public Bathrooms

After our walk with Milo, we made coffee and breakfast then it was time to find some bathrooms. Right down the street, there is the St. Johns Fishing Pier which has free public bathrooms that are open from 7am-8pm (9 pm in the summer). They are moderately clean and they have a free parking lot which has access to the beach. The pier also looks fun however it does cost $2 to access.

Top Dog-friendly Beaches in St. Augustine

Things to do in St. Augustine

We wanted to see the sunrise and take Milo for a walk so we set our alarms for 6:30 am and got up to take a walk with Milo. The beaches are dog-friendly and it was early enough we were able to take Milo on a long beach walk without a leash. It is technically on-leash but we watched who was there and with it being so early we had no problems. From the public parking lot near Embassy Suites and south is dog-friendly.  I believe this is due to Anastasia State Park being north of the beach which is NOT dog-friendly.

Sadly the sky was very cloudy and we didn’t get to see a glorious sunrise, instead, we were welcomed with a calm sky and immense waves.

St. Augustine Historic District

Van Life in St. Augustine

If you are looking for more to do than just relax on the beautiful sandy beaches of St. Augustine then head over to the historic district. From the beach to St. Augustine historic area you have to cross the Lion’s Head Bridge. It’s an iconic bridge that can also be crossed by foot and ends with stone Lion statues. It marks the beginning of the historic district. I recommend finding parking and walking over the bridge and then stroll around the area. St. George street is the most popular street and is lined with old shops and restaurants.

I highly recommend St. Augustine as it is a relaxed beach town with dog-friendly beaches and free overnight parking. You could easily stay for days and feel right at home in this small town.

Have you been to St. Augustine? Do you have any recommendations I should add to this list?

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vanlife in st. augustine
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A weekend in St. Augustine
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