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Are you interested in vanlife but aren’t sure how you will make money on the road? I have been working remotely for over two years now and have learned how many opportunities there are to make money online. There are so many ways that you can make money as a digital nomad. Working online gives you the freedom and the ability to fully enjoy vanlife. From a social media manager to building websites the sky is the limit when it comes to vanlife remote jobs. Below are my favorite vanlife remote work opportunities that I believe are the most accessible for the average person with the ability to work online!

Vanlife Remote Work Jobs 

There are many kinds of jobs you can have to sustain your life on the road. However, a remote job is a very specific kind of job. A remote job means that you are able to complete your work from anywhere in the world, whether it be a National Park, the middle of San Fransisco or the Beaches of Carolina. 

A remote job gives you a freedom that most other jobs simply do not. There are many many kinds of remote jobs and it is up to you to find one that fits your skills and passions. Below are the top remote jobs out there that are great options for vanlife remote work! 

1. Full-Time Vanlife Remote Jobs

More and more often companies are beginning to allow their employees to work remotely. You don’t need to come into work and you can work from anywhere as long as the work is getting done. The first step is to talk to your current company to see if working remotely is an option. I know several vanlifers who spoke with their company and they were able to work it out so they could work from the road! It is so surprising to find how many companies are hiring remote workers and what fields they are in.

Virtual nurses, accountants, engineers, marketing, real estate, seriously the list goes on and on. Are you saying to yourself (not in my field)? Google “your field” + “remote”, you are likely going to be shocked to find how many opportunities you didn’t know existed! 

Need more help than that? Check out Remote like me ran by Taylor Lane. She has a course that is dedicated to helping you learn how to get a remote job.

2. Social Media Manager

Do you love all things social media? Are you constantly online and understand the ways of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? So many companies need your help! You would be surprised how many businesses lose out on potential sales because they aren’t marketing to their online customers. Their customers are online looking for them but they aren’t reaching out. Help them!

Unsure on whether you have the experience or need a little more education? There are so many incredible courses on becoming a social media manager that will give you the confidence you need to put yourself out there.

My all-time favorite course is the Bucketlist Bombshells Tech course. This course lays out exactly what you need to do to become a Virtual Assistant. From social media management, email marketing, blog management, website design, website management- Shay walks you through each job step by step so you will have the knowledge and resources necessary to work with clients that need you!

3. Website Designer

Have you built a website before? Maybe you started a blog or even a website for potential employers to see. I know I did and that was 10 years ago! You will be surprised at the number of people that need a website but have no idea how to put one together.

Not every business can afford a $10k-$30k website and they need people just like you to bridge that gap for them. There are so many easy ways to build websites now including Squarespace and WordPress that make the process much simpler than it used to be. You don’t need to know a ton of coding to begin. Again there are so many courses out there that will walk you through step by step to get started. The great thing is the BB Tech Course walks you through website design as well.

4. Virtual Assistant

Digital entrepreneurship is BOOMING. There are so many entrepreneurs out there and they are KILLING IT. The thing is eventually they need help. They need someone to do the day to day tasks that they simply don’t have time to complete. Answering emails, scheduling clients, email marketing, sales pages, strategy and simply someone to help with the load. They need a virtual assistant. Most people I know often have worked an office job or marketing job that has already given them so many skills that they don’t realize are SO SO valuable. You often have the knowledge to help people and you had no idea! Becoming a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be difficult and there are many courses available to help get you started!    

5. Graphic Designer

Do you love making designs? Graphic design is an amazing field to get into as you don’t need to be based anywhere. You can easily work from your computer and get clients as a digital nomad. With the rise in entrepreneurs that means more people that need your help! From branding, design, logos, pamphlets and more these are things entrepreneurs might not have the eye for, but you do!

You do not have to go to school to be a graphic designer. There are different levels of experience and so many designers have learned from a course or from simply teaching themselves and now make a full-time income. Since being a graphic designer is so flexible it is a great option for a vanlife remote work job. 

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6. Blogger 

Yes, you can make money blogging. Yes, it can also be super difficult but it can be done. The trick is to niche down and write about what people want to know in that niche. From there you have affiliate links and even ads on your site to help it run. Not to mention the possibilities of working with brands who will pay you to post for them! It is another fantastic vanlife remote work option as you are less likely to have hard deadlines and if you find yourself out on the road with no signal you don’t have to stress about letting your client know you won’t make the deadline in time! 

7. Freelance Writer 

Speaking of writing you can make money writing from your computer. Other than blogging there are tons of websites that pay you to write. It’s not the easy industry to break into but it can be done if it’s your passion. From freelance writing to full-time writing jobs you have the ability to make money from your writing skills. Many larger companies are hiring full-time bloggers or part-time freelancers!  If you are uncertain where to start, check out How to Be a Travel Writer.   

8. Life or Business Coach

This is a field I did not understand before I became an entrepreneur. You’re telling me someone is going to help me through life? I thought it was crazy talk and I scoffed at the idea. Well, tell that to the people that are bringing in millions a year with their courses. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Life and business coaching are so needed in the entrepreneurial world. It is TOUGH constantly putting yourself out there and feeling rejected and depleted. Coaches help you bridge that gap. They help you get over the things that are standing in your way from getting your amazing work out there for the world to see.

Although there are countless online remote work opportunities these are my favorite of all the best Vanlife remote jobs! These vanlife remote jobs are a way to get started on your dreams of traveling the world and living life! Are you still feeling unsure of how to begin your vanlife remote work journey? I wrote a post full of vanlife remote work resources to help get you started!

Tell me what you think, is there anything holding you back from traveling the world after reading this list? 

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