Beginning your van life journey can be incredibly overwhelming. One of my favorite things to do when starting a van build is to create a spreadsheet and make a list. My Van Life Shop is full of everything you need for your van build from tools and supplies. Then keep digging and you will find everything you need inside your camper van from vanlife decorations, van gear, clothing, and more!


Let’s start our van life shop out with your campervan solar system, shall we? Here is everything we bought to put together our electric and solar system!

Renogy Solar Panels

or shop amazon

Renogy 100AH AGM Battery

or shop amazon

2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter

Battery Isolator

200AH AGM Battery

Vanlife Kitchen

The heart of every home even your DIY camper van! Your van build will not be complete without a stove, campervan refrigerator, or sink! Not to mention all the other products such as a water pump that make life easier on the road.

Kitchen Faucet

Water Filter

Shurflo Water Pump

King Flame Propane Burner

Costway 12V Refrigerator

Kitchen Accessories

The products below will not only come in handy but improve your life! Although be careful with the coffee mugs, people love to give them as gifts and you will end up with more than you can store!

Bamboo Salad Plates

Bamboo Bowl Set

Coffee Mugs

Stumptown Coffee

French Press


Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder


Lemon Squeezer

Magnetic Knife Strip

Vanlife Towels

Plastic Cutting Board

Wine and Beer Opener

Vanlife Bedroom

If you are going to travel full-time then these items are a must-have! Having a comfortable bedroom is super important and makes your van feel oh so cozy!

Buffy Comforter

Ghost Pillow

Perfect Beach Blanket

Foam Mattress

Vanlife Decorations

Sherpa Blanket

Beach Blanket

Round Pillow

Air Plant Holder

Air Plant

Fairy Lights


Shower and Toilet Supplies

It’s time to get down to basics in your van build- how will you shower and what kind of toilet will you have?

Thetford Cassette Toilet


Compostable Toilet

Outdoor Shower

Vanlife Essentials

Some things are just important in life, including these van life shop essentials! From window shades to a heater, add them to your list!

Maxxair Fan

vanlife shop

VanMade Gear Window Shades

Mr. Buddy Heater

vanlife shop

Yeti 16oz Tumbler

Solar Inflatable Lantern


Tommy Bahama Chairs

Monopoly Deal

Microfiber Towel

Safety and Emergency

Our van life shop would not be complete without safety and Emergency supplies which we insist you make room for in your van conversion!

First Aid Kit

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Fire Extinguisher

Jumper Cables

Reflective Vest

Road Flares

Vanlife shop

AAA Members Card

Our Favorite Vanlife Gear

Don’t forget about your van life gear! Check out the must-have gear items in our vanlife shop, below.

Portable Battery Bank

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Eno Hammock

Moxi Roller Skates

Exterior Accessories

Part of the fun of van life is all the outdoor activities! Prep your van with these items!

Best campervan bike rack - rocky mounts backstage
Rocky Mount Bike Rack

Stand Up Paddle Board

Van Life Shop Camera Gear

All the things you will see on the open road! Make sure you grab a camera before you step out on your adventure. Trust me you will want to document every second.

Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera

Vanlife Pet supplies 

Are your pets coming with you on your road trip? You can’t forget about them!

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Dog First Aid Kit

Ruffwear Leash

Dog Poop Sacks

Vanlife Hygiene 

Cottonelle Wipes

Dry Shampoo

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Tom’s Toothbrush

Laundry Sack

Charcoal Bags and Odor Remover

Dr. Bonner’s soap

Exfoliating Wash Cloth