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Vanlife in the summer….is magical. Mountain hiking, waterfall trails, floating in the river, walking through canyons, you name it, chances are you can do it during vanlife in the summer. Vanlifers wait all year for the summertime and relish in the sweet time we are given when the sun is out early in the mornings and late into the evenings. It is living the dream in almost every way possible when living in your van. Vanlife in summer is also HOT, sticky, full of sunburns, and frustrating when you just want to be in the air conditioning but that isn’t a possibility, therefore learning how to keep your van cool in the summer is an important skill.

Having experienced two summers in our campervan we have a good understanding of the best parts of vanlife in summer and the ways to survive vanlife in summer. Personally, although I LOVE vanlife in summer I am also a person that quickly becomes frustrated when I get overheated and have no real way to cool down. Through this, we have found ways to keep cool in a van during the summer and to make sure we soak up every ounce of sunlight and fun that we can without overheating.

If you are entering your first summer in a campervan and want to fully prepare for the summertime then read on as I give tips for keeping cool in a van.

how to keep van cool in summer

1. Plan to Stay in Cooler Areas from June-August

If you are a full-time vanlifer who does not have a location-dependent job then the best way to fully enjoy your summer is to avoid super hot areas during the summer. Florida, Texas, Arizona, even southern California can be super hot during the summer and are places I try to visit during the wintertime when temps are closer to the 70s. If you can consider areas such as Northern California, Oregon, Washington, or Alaska. These are incredible spots that are absolutely perfect for the summer months. Take advantage of the perfect temperatures and head to the mountains for hiking or enjoy the cities by visiting the park and supporting local businesses.

2. Install a Maxx-Air Fan

Summertime or not I highly recommend having proper ventilation in your campervan. The Maxx-Air Fan Deluxe is the best fan for your conversion van as you can have it running even when it is raining due to the cover. Having a campervan fan allows proper airflow and keeps the hot stagnant air from getting stuck in your van and making it much hotter than it is outside. 

3. Use Window Vents

Opening your front windows allow more airflow to come through the cabin without exposing your entire van and having to open your door when you may not want to let everyone know you are in there. The downside is that if you are in an area with mosquitos or flies then unwanted critters will easily get in. One of my favorite accessories that I would have never bought without Shawn pushing us to buy is the Sprinter Store window vents. These vents are made for Sprinters and fit into the windows perfectly. 

They fit in the top third of your driver and passenger side windows and allow for airflow to come through without allowing bugs into the van and keep your belongings safe since you won’t have your windows open for people to reach in and grab your stuff. It’s a great option for van life in hot weather or cool weather when you need some airflow!

4. Go Cool Off in the Water

It’s Summer and it’s hot – GO-FIND WATER. Find a river, lake, or even a city pool to cool off in. Floating down the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon during the summer is still one of my favorite memories during our time in the van. Being in a van allows you the freedom to travel and go to areas that have a lake or river that you can jump into. Don’t let your summer pass away without enjoying relaxing by the water. From paddleboarding, tubing, or simply floating, you can enjoy the water a multitude of ways. 

5. Avoid Cooking 

If you have a stove or oven in your van then cooking during the day when temperatures are high will only make the inside of your campervan that much hotter. Avoid meals that require being cooked or heated up. Instead plan for pasta, salads, sandwiches, and meals that do not rely on heat to eat. 

6. Stay Outside the Van as much as possible

This coincides with finding water to be nearby but it’s summertime! Go hang out outside. Find a nice park you can hang out in the shade and relax or get some work done. If you don’t have dogs then find local businesses you can support by hanging out at a local cafe, brewery, or restaurant. Most people who live in their van do it because they want to spend more time outside enjoying life, this is THAT EXACT time! Don’t waste it! 

7. Insulate Your Van For Summer 

Insulating your van to prepare for summertime is one of the best ways to keep cool during high-temperature days. Of course, this would be something you would’ve done in advance before finishing your build. After your build, there are also ways to combat the heat through insulating on top of your build. 

To keep your van cool in the summer when the sun is beating down make sure you have proper shades on every single window in your van. Shades will reflect the sun out of the van and keep the inside much much cooler. For shade, I recommend either creating DIY reflectix shades or you can purchase them already made from VanMadeGear. We personally have the back window shades made by VanMadeGear and are obsessed with them as they work extremely well at keeping the light out when we are sleeping and heat out when it’s hot. They also stay on the windows on the roughest and bumpiest roads even when folded up through strong magnets.  

8. Park in the Shade

It’s amazing to me how much of a difference parking in the shade will make when measuring the temperature inside of your van. If you can try to avoid parking in paved lots and search for areas with trees for shade and gravel or dirt to eliminate heat reflection. The best place is going to be in the mountains, by water and out in nature. If you can’t do that then try to find parks with lots of shade. 

Vanlife in Summer doesn’t have to be hot and miserable. It should and can be an absolutely magical time filled with wonderful memories. Planning is the key to staying cool and happy in your van during the summer. 

how to keep van cool in summer

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